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Sat, Oct 31, 2020
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Nomad Enables UK Shopping on Crete

“Crete Express” Delivery Service

Enables UK Shopping on Crete!


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Author: Taliesen Hollywood, at Nomad International


Nomad International, the specialist removal company, has created a new service for shipping to Crete. "Crete Express" dramatically reduces the cost of transport for parcels and small consignments.  Not only is this service the cheapest way to transport small consignments to Crete, it also opens up an array of UK shopping opportunities to Crete residents.



"Crete Express" - For Parcels and Small Consignments

The "Crete Express" service is a departure from Nomad’s core business of door-to-door removals from the UK to Crete, but it is a very welcome addition to Nomad’s services, greatly appreciated by Crete residents.

The premise behind the “Crete Express” service is simple: offer Crete residents a cheaper way to send small consignments to Crete. In order to do this, Nomad have set-up an innovative “depot-to-depot” system, where they will transport the items for only the least expensive part of the journey: from their headquarters in Peterborough, UK to their depot in Vamos, Chania. By eliminating the costs of collection and delivery, Nomad can transport small consignments to Crete for dramatically reduced prices.

"Crete Express" Save on Cost and Weight

For example, the cost of transport of a large parcel (up to 4 cubic feet in volume) would be less than £35.00 including all charges, VAT and insurance.  And most importantly, unlike with other carriers, with the Crete Express service the weight of the items does not matter.  There is a simple pricing calculator on the Crete Express page of Nomad International’s web site which allows you to calculate the exact cost of your consignment before you send it.

Shop Online in UK, Nomad Delivers to Crete

But besides the cost savings there is another important advantage to the Crete Express service: the entire retail economy of the UK is now available on Crete! All you need to do is shop online in the UK, have the retailer deliver the items to Nomad’s Peterborough headquarters (retailers often do this for free), and Nomad will bring the items to Crete. This means that an enormous variety of goods are now available to be brought to Crete, at UK prices, with a simple and inexpensive transport system.

"We have been receiving orders for a very wide range of products", said Daniel Baldwin, Operations Manager at Nomad International. "From flat-packed furniture and electrical goods to beds, bathrooms and even boats, we never know what our customers are going to order next", he said.

Free Storage + Frequent Services to Crete

Nomad arranges Crete Express deliveries to Crete at least twice per month on average, with a transit time from the day of departure in the UK to arrival in Crete of approximately 7 days.  You also need to ensure that the items arrive in Peterborough at least a few days before the intended departure date of the vehicle to allow time for labelling, cataloguing and loading.  Nomad also offers free storage in the UK for up to two weeks prior to departure if necessary.

Door-to-Door Removals Still Nomad's Main Focus

The team at Nomad are quick to point out that although this depot-to-depot service is ideal for small consignments, for larger consignments their traditional door-to-door service is the best way to go. "Our main business is still door-to-door removals of course’, said Mr Baldwin. ‘We are specialists in household removals to Crete and that will always be our main focus", he said.

"Just a thought - the cost for transport of an average 40” flat screen TV to Crete (bought online from a UK retailer and delivered to our UK warehouse), would be £29.50.  Yet quite often a TV like this would cost around €500.00 less in the UK than in Crete!!!  We have been sending a lot of different things from the UK to Crete, simply because it is much cheaper for people to do this.  IKEA in Athens charges two to three times the price of IKEA in the UK (for some unknown reason), so it is much cheaper to buy in the UK, have it sent to our warehouse, and use the Crete Express to bring it to Crete!  So far this year people have sent all manner of electrical items (often bought from Argos), and various other weird and wonderful things, not to mention loads of flat-packed furniture, bathrooms and lighting.  Most online retailers accept Greek Visa / Mastercards (as do we), although many a reader of this would still have UK bank accounts anyway.  So it is easy, and it saves money. - Nomad International."

Article By: Taliesen Hollywood, Head Move Coordinator at Nomad International, UK. Mr Hollywood can be contacted by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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