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Sun, Oct 02, 2022

Brits in Crete GR Twitterings and RSS
- SMS on the Internet


Joining Twitter , the SMS or micro-blogging Internet service, is a move by the Brits in Crete (BiC) web portal to open up three new RSS feeds at:






The RSS move expands our resources as an even more comprehensive information service for British, Irish and other ex-patriates wishing to relocate to Living in Crete, Greece.

The web sites in the BiC group are linked to various social networking, community micro-messaging and bookmarking sites. Twitter.Com makes it quick and easy for you to find further value added information on Ex-pat living in Crete and Greece! These are truly useful experiences on the subject of British and Irish Ex-Pats Living on Crete. Impartial and honest tweets provide Crete Wannabes with another insight into the reality of any move to the Island of Crete.


Britsin Crete can help you learn more about the realities of staying on the island of Crete and

Greece through a few tweets here and there.

Twitterings are all part of information on Living in Crete and Greece with intelligence, online by Brits in Crete.

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Using Twitter links to all our sites - Contact Us/Write to us via this link.

Individual "Brits in Crete" Group - URL/Internet Sites: 

Brits in - our Crete Forum
BritsinCrete.Net - Main Hub Site
Brits in Crete - Blog 
Crete Property Uncovered - A Feedback and Comment Web Site on Real Estate Agents and Property Developers.
Brits in Crete - Flagr Geo Mapping Project | See it on a map!
Brits in Crete - Swicki Social Bookmarking - Brits in Crete
Brits in Crete - Tweets at Twitter.Com/Brits in Crete
-excluding www.Brits in

Brits in Crete URL Re-direct Sites include: (under development) (under development)

Φθάστε στο βρετανικό εκπατριζόμενο και άλλες ξένες κοινότητες στην Κρήτη και την Ευρώπη στον ιστοχώρο.

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Mapping Directions to get to Brits in Crete, in Vrahassi, Lassithi, Crete: Geolocation Coordinates

How Useful is Twitter - (It is only the world's 3rd Largest Social Networking site)
Still confused about Twitter?
You need to know that in Crete is micro-blogging. Consider it as the SMS of the Internet. That is a starting point, a good explanation ... view the video below ...

 {vimeo width="320" height="260"}757146{/vimeo}

This is one of the best video presentations on answering the question: "What is Twitter?
Some of the expressions used on tweet, twitterers, twitterific, twittervision, twittery, retweet.
If you tweet, then you can follow Brits in Crete on Twitter, or simply put the BiC Twitter feed on your desktop.