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Sat, Oct 24, 2020
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Chania Ioannis Daskalogiannis International Airport

Chania Ioannis Daskalogiannis International Airport


Chania Ioannis Daskalogiannis* International Airport is located approximately 14 km from the city of Chania but located in an isolated and militarily sensitive area located on the peninsula of Akrotiri.  The airport (Coordinates lat 35.53167,  long 24.14972) serving Western Crete is familiar to British and Irish ex-pat residents. The majority come and go to there home in the Chania and Rethymnon prefectures of Crete through Chania Airport.  The Chania International Aiport is also a major air field for the reason it is a base for NATO air forces and is a refuelling and staging post for long haul military transport flights between the United States and the Middle East.  Souda Bay, a few kilometres to the southeast is the Hellenic Navy's main port which is shared with the US Navy and a plays a significant role as a bunkering port in the Eastern Mediterranean for the Western allies.

Public Transport
The main bus station in Chania (Coordinates: 35°30'42"N   24°1'0"E) is the terminal for the buses to the Airport and the long distance buses to Iraklion. It is located on Odos Kydionas. All the airport/ long distance buses are green/white in livery.  This bus station is on the southern end of Plateia 1866, where local Municipal, blue coloured buses start from a short walking distance away.



Buses leave Downtown Chania (Odos Kydionas Bus Station) ---> Direction to Airport

Mondays at 05:45 07:15 09:30 12:00 15:00 16:10 19:30
Tuesdays at 07:15 09:30 16:10 19:30
Wednesday at 05:45 07:15 09:30 12:45 16:10 19:30
Thursday at 05:45 07:15 09:30 16:10 19:30
Friday at 05:45 07:15 09:30 10:45 14:15 16:10 19:30
Saturday at 05:45 07:15 09:30 16:10 19:30
Sunday at 07:15 09:30 11:00 14:30 16:10 19:30 20:30


Buses leave Chania Airport (Outside the terminal building) ---> Direction to Downtown (Odos Kydionas Bus Station) Chania

Mondays: at 06:50 08:20 10:30 12:30 15:30 17:10 20:30
Tuesdays at 08:20 10:30 17:10 20:30
Wednesdays at 06:15 08:20 10:30 17:10 20:30
Thursdays at 06:15 08:20 10:30 17:10 20:30
Fridays at 06:15 08:20 10:30 11:40 17:10 20:30
Saturdays at 06:15 08:25 10:30 17:30 20:30
Sundays at 08:20 10:30 12:05 15:40 17:30 20:30 21:30

Journey time is 30-35 minutes. €2.30 Single Fare.
Info Source: KTEL Hania - Rethymnon SA, December 2011


Metered Taxis are the best alternative, although not cheap. Drivers will wish to bargain. Often hotels provide in-house shuttle services to and from their properties.

Car Rental

There are many choices of car hire companies. A number of car rental aganecies  have their reception desks as you walk out of customs.

The airport offers ample short and long term parking that caters well to the resident ex-pats living in the Rethymnon and Chania areas taking trips from the airport.

Chania Airport General Information Telephone: +30-28210 83800

*Note: Ioannis Daskalogiannis was a famed Cretan fighter, a ship builder by trade who led a revolt against the occupying Ottoman Military Forces in 1770 in Sfakia. At that time Sfakia was an autonomous region of Crete, minting its own coinage. Failure of Russian allies to come forward to support Daskalogiannis, led to his defeat and surrender at Frangokastello Castle. He is remembered by Greeks for his quiet heroic dignity when he was skinned alive and executed as his punishment by the Ottoman Ruler in Heraklion in 1771.

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