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Sun, Nov 01, 2020
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Sights to See in Crete

What to See in Crete


Article Author: Tom Scott of www.creteholidays.info

 Crete Attracts more Brits and Irish holidaymakers than any other nationality.

This British authored article recommends the vacation sights in Crete

you simply should not miss out on your hols.
- Gerald, Webmaster, Brits in Crete.

If you are planning on a vacation in Crete, there are some sights you simply can’t miss. There are many worthy sights to see on Crete, and a lot of historical interest. If you find yourself going to Crete, you must simply see the following places.


Heraklion is the largest city in Crete. Home to approximately 140,000 people, this is also the site of the ruins of Knossos. These ruins date to the Bronze Age. If you’re a history buff, you won’t want to miss this well preserved site. Be sure to swing by Venizelous Square as well. This is a very beautiful place, as is Morosini Fountain. If you’re a sports fan, be sure to take in a soccer match. Crete has two teams, the Ergotelis FC and the OFI Crete. Both teams are based out of Pankritiko Stadium.

If you like castles, one of the largest on the island can be found in Rethymno, which hosts the annual Wine Festival in July. There are also many other festivals held here. Be sure to check them out when you visit. If you plan to visit in July for the Wine Festival, be sure you book your room in advance it can be difficult to find lodging at the last minute during this popular festival.

Venetian Port Réthymnon

Photo: "Rethymnon Venetian Port view retaining Moslem style". By "sonic_jorge".





















Smaller than Heraklion, Chania is another great spot to see in Crete. Home to 55,000 people, this little city is found in the northwestern portion of the island. See the Old Town where there are walls in this portion of town and in the harbor that date from the days of Venetian influence on Crete. For more modern sites, be sure to check out the Courthouse, the Public Gardens and the clock tower on Dimokratias Street.

Lake Voulismeni should not be passed over. You’ll find it in the town of Agios Nikolaos. Bronze Age ruins may be seen here as well. To get a feel for the culture of Crete, Agios Nikolaos is a place you should consider.

Sitia is the smallest town in Crete, but it has a lot to offer. On the east of town on the waterfront you’ll find the Kazarma, a fortress once full of Venetians. Sitia is easy to get to as well the E75 runs right by it, making it very accessible.

So, if you are planning a Crete holiday, make sure to include these cities on your list of places to see. They each hold many historical sites and cultural attractions that will make your visit to Crete unforgettable. Take advantage of your holiday in Crete and submerse yourself in this unique island.

About the Author:

Before you visit Crete, check out Tom Scott’s site on Crete vacations.

Article First Published in BritsinCrete.Net: 2008

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