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Fri, Sep 25, 2020
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Crystal Clear Water

Vacations In Crete, Greece

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Crete, Matala, Beach

Photo: Crystal waters at Crete's Matala Beach,south coast of Greece's largest island, equi-distant to Heraklion and Rethymnon on the North Coast. Matala is one of Crete's Blue Flag Awarded Beaches. By Kirill: Neverwinter Alps, on Flickr.com ©


Cretan Holiday Article

Crete needs no introduction, as it is worldwide known. It is the biggest island of Greece and the one with the greatest population. Geographically, you will spot Crete on the southest end of Greece. It is a unique island because of the many variations it has, such as high mountainous areas, canyons, rocky areas near the sea and of course, the endless beaches of such a long Greek island. The Hellenic crystal-clear seawater, combined with the Greek summer sun are the ones that make Crete and Greece such a desired destination.

It is also the Cretans themselves, that make Crete special. Cretans are respected by the rest of the citizens of Greece for their bravery, which has made a difference on many wars. They are simple people, warm, peaceful, kind and friendly. The specialities of Cretan cuisineare one more reason why someone should visit Crete. The great taste of the local foods lies on the pure ingredients used, such as the pure virgin olive oil and the cheese, produced by the locals.

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