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Sun, Nov 01, 2020
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Crete Kayaking Holiday

Crete Sea Kayaking And Hiking Tour

A Holiday of a Lifetime Creta/Crete Article Author: michael

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Holiday Photo: Sea Kayaking, Crete taken at wedding time. By tonygirbs, on Flickr ©

Cretan Kayaking and Hiking Article

Crete Sea Kayaking and hiking is the best way to enjoy a planned holiday of a lifetime. You can spend three days Creta-style sea kayaking and hiking around areas of stunning beauty such as Samaria Gorge, Sfakia, Sougia and Paleochora. You will enjoy the scenery from the water, which is the only way to experience Crete. On a typical itinerary you will be arriving in Chania and spending the night. The next day you can get up and travel to Paleochora where you can get yourself situated for the trip. You will be able to swim and lie in the sun on the beach of the Libyan Sea. This is the start of your adventure of a lifetime.

The third day will find you sea kayaking to Sougia and Lissos. You can see the ancient ruins and the graves located in Lissos. This is the part of your cheap holidays to Crete that you will find intriguing. As you move away from Lissos towards Sougia, you will enjoy the scenery on the way. You will arrive in Sougia and can enjoy some swimming and maybe even a seafood dinner. The next day you will do some hiking in Omalos. The area is very beautiful and will see the Agia Irini gorge then travel to the outpost. On day five you are on your way to Samaria Gorge and Agia Roumeli for some more hiking.

The hike is rather intense because of the steep inclines, but the trails are very well groomed. At the bottom of the gorge, you can pretty much do what ever you want. You can sit and enjoy the view or even have a picnic lunch. After a rest period, you can continue to Agia Rousmeli, which is a small fishing village. Your holiday to Crete will delight you, but this type of trip is exciting and very adventurous for everyone.

Day six you will leave in the kayak for Loutro. On your way, you want to stop and gaze at the Cretan Byzantine Church. The architecture is incredible and the fact that it is a beachside church is interesting. On day seven, you will move down the south coastline waters to Sfakia, but you will want to stop at Sweet Water Beach. You can only reach this beach from the water or take a very long hike. Therefore, it will be secluded and empty. Once you get to Sfakia, you will take a bus back to your starting point, Chania where you will spend the night.

If you have planned your holiday of a lifetime to Crete around this tour, you will have seen some of the most incredible places that can only be experienced or seen from the water. You can dine at one of the famous Chania restaurants and maybe even enjoy a little nightlife before leaving. You will need to take along some lightweight clothing and a pair of hiking boots for hiking and a pair of shoes for sea kayaking in Crete. The tour group will supply everything else you need. You just have to enjoy the scenery and have a great time. That is what this tour is all about when you leave your destination.

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