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Sun, Sep 20, 2020
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Phil The White Van Man

White Van Man's 10 Step Removals programme.

Useful Ex-pat Stuff to Have a Seamless"Pack Up and Go" Move Abroad!

Author: Phil Sharp, Removals Specialist

Phil Sharp, White Van Removals at Susses HQ

Left: Phil Sharp, the White Van Man © Phil Sharp







No one knows the removals business in Britain quite like Phil, the White Van Man (WVM).  Phil Sharp is a specialist mover to Greece, based on a customer pre-packing themselves, ready for pick up and transportation in WVM special containerised type vans.



Phil 's easy to handle, "Things to Do" - A 10 STEP CHECK LIST to help make a seamless relocation of the contents from your present home to your New Home Abroad

1. Be Organised: Itemise

A lot of removal companies supply you with a template inventory. It is in both your best interest and the interest of the removals firm if you fill this list in, with as much detail of your household items, as you can.   Not only does it help in terms of getting a removals quote together, but will also help when you come to unpacking your boxes at journeys end, such as in Crete or other parts of Greece.

2. Communication:  Be in Continuous Contact

Always remain in continuous communication with your removal company, especially if your load size changes, as this can have serious implications for all involved!  For example, if when you are packing up, you realise that you will have 40 boxes and not the 15 you were originally quoted for, then let the movers know as early as possible beforehand. Don't wait until the day of pick up/collection.

3. Protect: Use Loads of Bubble Wrap

Now cop this: Bubble Wrap should become your "new best friend"!  You can never have too much bubble wrap, I mean this seriously.  Use bubble wrap for smaller breakable items such as: any glassware, porcelain plates, flower vases, family heirlooms, etc but also use it to protect tabletops and arms and corners of dining chairs, doors of glass cabinets, and so on.

4. Packing: Don't Try to be Cheap!

Do not overfill boxes, you would be better off to have several little  boxes rather than one large heavy box.   Equally, don't under fill  boxes as this will make them difficult to stack. Pad out boxes with sheets or pillows, towelling or bubble wrap! Try also to pack boxes with even weight distribution, not top heavy, for example.

5. Labelling: Logical Advice

Make sure that you label all your items/pieces of furniture :
- with your name (Mr & Mrs Jon Smith)
- at least your destination (Mr & Mrs Jon Smith - Sissi)
- include your destination phone number as well (Mr & Mrs Jon Smith - Sissi , Tel: 28410-12345). 
- If you have written out an inventory list, it is an idea to number your items to correspond with your inventory for ease of unloading. 
Now here's a really useful tip: add to your labels which room each box has to go, it will make unpacking a lot quicker: (Mr & Mrs Jon Smith - Sissi , Tel: 28410-12345 Item:0211/1 of 3/ Bathroom)

6.      Contact:  Don't Use Telephone Numbers to be Disconnected or Not Yet Connected

Two points to watch:

i. Make sure that you supply relevant and working .. repeat ... working, phone numbers for collection and delivery of your household belongings

ii. Ask your removal company for a telephone number of their driver (i.e. the driver's mobile phone) that you can keep you in touch with the driver directly, ensuring coordinated delivery and can keep track of your belongings and trace progress.

7.   Delivery:  Be Flexible Awaiting Delivery of Removal Van

Aim to be flexible when it comes to your delivery. Very few removal companies can pin point the exact minute that your removal van load will arrive but most should be able to give you a day, just make sure that you leave that day free.

8.   Stress:  Yes, Inevitably there will be!

But how much, depends on how You handle it! Don't Stress yourself out.  Moving is a serious business. It is regarded as one of the most stressful of happenings. It is bad enough making a move within your home country but when it a case of moving abroad, away from family and close friends it can be even more trying on the nerves. There will always be something to panic about, so stop looking for it and look forward to your new life instead.

9.  Neighbours: New-found Neighbours Can Be a Blessing

A word about neighbours at your destination. At a time like this, to have friendly folk around, within your new village or close by can be a tremendous calmer of your nerves. They may offer to help with the unloading, or even meeting removers on your behalf etc, but small gestures such as supplying cups of tea or coffee (or a beer for the driver!!!) at the right moment can be a godsend.  Getting to know neighbours in advance of your arrival should be a key objective in any move abroad. It really helps in the final leg of a seamless relocation journey.

10. Company:  Choose Your Removals Company with Care

Most importantly when choosing a company to move your worldly belongings abroad, is to choose a company you know and trust. The best way to do this is to go by others' recommendations. Ask other Ex-Pats in your new area or ask advice from members in online community forums, such as the Brits in Crete forum in the case of moving to your new home in Greece.

About the Author: Phil Sharp is Managing Director of British-based, White Van Man Removals. The company has become a familiar name among British and Irish Ex-Pats in Crete and other parts of Greece since it established itself in the UK Removals Market with the niche destination of Crete and Greece in 2004. Phil can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Overlooking Xerocampos
Left: Overlooking Xerokampos by ricardo0, on Flickr.















Above: Surveying the welcoming site of the Xerokambos/Xerokampos (ΞΕΡΟΚΑΜΠΟΣ) area of Southeastern Crete, overlooking the Libyan Sea.

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