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Fri, Sep 25, 2020
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Panic Attack

Panic Attack | How Not to Ditch Your Current Lifestyle

Subtely Getting You to Creta/Crete:

those damn panic attacks

"Those Damn Panic Attacks" (above) Photo: By duncan on Flikr ©

10 Tips of How Not to React to a Panic Attack to Ditch Your Current Lifestyle

You have a panic attack. Something major is going wrong in your life. You think about a quick solution. Yes - Live abroad such as in #Crete. Eureka! - Start afresh in a warmer place. Can you be rational during such a period of intense anxiety? So many conflicting random thoughts can be triggered. If you are contemplating such a drastic move, this is how not to move your life along to the next stage:

  • 1.Upsticks right after a big disagreement.
  • 2.Tell your other half on the telephone from the airport departure gate.
  • 3. Just go without telling anyone.
  • 4. Leave your refrigerator full of booze.
  • 5. A "last supper". Cook a fabulous meal then tell the guests your decision.
  • 6. Apply for a seasonal job advertised in a foreign newspaper in a resort famed for its "sex and booze" tourism.
  • 7. Feign sickness, then disappear off the radar.
  • 8. Throw anything that comes to hand in the suitcase.
  • 9. Forget to pack condoms and enough underwear.
  • 10. Leave the car with the partner, explaining you'll be back to pick it up later!


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"Panic Attack | How Not to Ditch Your Current Lifestyle"

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