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Fri, Oct 23, 2020
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Getting Back

Driving from Crete to UK

Driving From Crete To The UK - The Mapped Route

I have done the drive from Crete to UK and back 7 times in two and a half years and I find that this route is the most cost effective and shortest in terms of actual driving time on the road.

Where possible I will give driving time and approximate kilometres between points and ferry/fuel costs. I should point out that the route has road numbers but to save constantly looking at a road map it is better to make a list of the towns and cities you will head for and then all you need to do is look out for the signs to those places, I know it sounds a bit vague but it does work, trust me.

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Overland Return Drive Crete to UK

British Retirees, Bob and Carole White

Compare the Drive Overland

between Crete and the UK as compared to Flying


Brits in Crete Forum members, Bob and Carole White decided to try out the overland route by car between Crete and UK and back again in October/November 2007.
As retired residents in Crete, they wished to weigh up the advantages of such a venture as compared to flying. Would they do it again? Judge for yourself.

Bob and Carole: Having recently completed the return journey by car, we thought we would add this page as an update to the useful information posted by Geoff some time ago. (See Geoff's UK-Crete and Geoff's Crete-UK experiences). We don’t think it is necessary to repeat all of the road numbers for the route, other than to mention some of the larger cities we passed.

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