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Sun, Sep 20, 2020
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UK Passports - How to Apply from Greece

New Way to Apply for A British Passport

For Ex-pats in Crete/Greece and Anyone Else Outside the UK

Q: Is the new Passport Application Process now in effect?
A: Yes, Since April, 2011 as informed by the "Identity and Passport" Service in London.


For those UK Ex-Pats who are living, working or in retirement in Greece you should be aware that from April 1, 2011, there are yet more changes in how to apply for a British passport. It is all because the British passport issuing functions of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office have been taken over completely by the "Identity and Passport" Service based in mainland UK.

In May 2010, British passport holders in Greece were told that to renew or apply for a regular passport they were to contact the British Embassy in Athens in the first instance while a regional British Passport processing centre in Madrid, Spain would be the actual issuing location.


But this is changing as well.

Very soon all British Passports services (except Emergency Passports) are to be part of a centralised and more secure issuing process, with all regular passports to be printed in UK and sent by courier by return to the sender. Emergency Passports in their new format are now being issued by British Consulates in Greece and elsewhere.

To explain the whole British Passport Issuing Process and how it is being re-organised in a multi-stage process, the Identity and Passport Office has produced a video with an explanation of the step-by-step changes.

British Identity and Passport Service Video

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UK Ex-pats Greece :: British Passports :: New Way to Apply
Do you have need need to contact the  British Embassy in Athens?
Or if in Crete, the  British Vice-Consulate in Heraklion?