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Sun, Oct 02, 2022

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 Athens Hosts European Day of Languages Event in Greece

Photo Credit: Council of Europe: © Council of Europe

If you are in the #Greek capital on September 26  then a heads up on the fun day in #Athens when the British Council, as a member of EUNIC (the European Union National Institutes of Culture) in Greece, invites you to participate in this year’s European Day of Languages festivities at Klafthmonos Square in the heart of the city between 10.00 to 15.00….more

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014 18:25

10 Euro Note - Look Out For It

The New Look of the Europa Series 10 Euro Banknote

New Europa Series 10 Euro Note FrontNew Europa Series 10 Euro Note Reverse
Photo Credit: New €10 "Europa" Series Note: © European Central Bank



Be prepared for the new "Europa" series €10 banknote. It is now in circulation in Crete, Greece and the other 17 eurozone countries from September 23, 2014. This is the second release in the new banknotes with enhanced security features. The Europa €5 banknote, the first in the series, started general circulation in May 2013. All notes have a common design based on the Greek mythological god "Europa" after which the continent was named, and signed by Mario Draghi, Governor of the European Central Bank.



----Longer version contains a simple explanation of the security features and how to tell a genuine note from a fake one.----
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Friday, 12 July 2013 16:07

Greece jellyfish warning for UK tourists

Jellyfish bloomThe UK Foreign Office has updated its travel advice for Greece, warning that jellyfish blooms have been reported and for people to heed local advice.

Officials have already issued warnings about jellyfish in Mediterranean coastal waters for France and Italy.

But local marine biologists said this year's increase was "no different" from other years and that the blooms consisted of non-stinging species.



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Friday, 14 June 2013 08:40

You couldn't make this stuff up!

nerit-ert-300x148In it's hurry to appear cool, calm and collected and demonstrate that the recent closure of the Greek State Broadcaster ERT was well thought out, the Government announced the name of the new re-vamped state broadcaster NERIT, which stands for New Hellenic Radio Internet and Television complete with logo.

It did however forget the to register the internet domain name prior to this announcement. This resulted in some comedian from the blog Troktiko registering it first and setting up a website broadcasting the current NET news service with the assistance of the Europen Broadcasting Union.

There is also a jibe at the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras suggesting he should try should try “,” a reference to comments by Samaras last year that he ran a pizza shop when he lived in the U.S. while he was in his 20s. The website can be found here

In the past I have known of some Domain Squatters as they are called making several hundreds of thousands from businesses by actions such as these. But in times of austerity I am not sure this one may be so lucky.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013 15:47


The Greek recovery (whose GDP recently plunged to year 2000 levels) is progressing as expected, however following the latest news out of Greece that its national broadcaster ERT, with 2800 employees, will be shut down, it may no longer be televised. There is hope though: following its shutdown, it will be reopened... eventually...  following a substantial downsizing. It is not clear why ERT had to be shutdown just to fire a few hundred people, although union rules are likely implicated. It is also not clear how long until the process is completed. What is clear is that the local workers are unhappy and have already resorted to that favorite Greek pastime: protesting. But at least we still have the Euro.

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{japopup type="image" content =""} Greece GDP troika 0{/japopup}As has been widely reported in somewhat surprising news, the IMF admitted that not only is it an idiot (this was public knowledge) but also a liar (curious, as no "serious people" do this in polite company and certainly not publicly).

Subsequently, it released the full 51 page report about its treatment of Greece. Those who are inclined to read the IMF's admission that all the allegations about the international agency's credibility, competence and corruption (which, as it implicitly admits, was also using taxpayer funds from around the world to preserve the way of life for a few parasitic and unelected European technocratic dictators). But perhaps the funniest is that the "world's bailout organization" (at least in the days before the New Normal) is actually charging $18.00 for every hard copy of the report in which it admits it was morally (if not financially, at least not yet) bankrupt.

So wasting hundreds of billions in taxpayer funds to preserve a broken monetary model and the wealth of a few good bankers is acceptable, but when it comes to attaching a stamp to a letter, the IMF is suddenly prudent and responsible?

Just when one thinks the IMF can't shock any more, they go ahead and fully redeem themselves.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013 08:29

An Alternate View


This is the latest work from the Omnikron Project. I am a big fan of theirs. They are a volunteer group that aim to show the world the untold side of Greece's crisis, and crush the negative stereotypes of the country. They have produced some excellent material in the past year which I have put in a gallery here.

This poster is the result of a study they carried out between March and April 2013 to map all the grassroots movements in Greece who are stepping in where the system is failing. It shows all the groups that are currently active in Greece, split into nine categories from neighbourhood assemblies to education movements to alternative micro-economies, with information on each group and details of an example group in each category.

These groups were all verified by them as grassroots, explicitly not-for-profit, Greece-based and active as of May 2013. If you notice any errors or omissions, let them know and they'll make the necessary changes to the list , as well as in the next version of the poster!

Like all their productions, this poster is made available under the Creative Commons license.

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Friday, 24 May 2013 06:18

The EU Olive Oil U-Turn Debacle

olive-oil-eu 2571212bLike so many debacles in the EU, it started with the unelected European Commission. It’s immune to voters, but not to lobbyists and corporations. Under the guise of “consumer protection” or “food safety” or some other harmless moniker, it generates zany laws that tend to benefit large corporations. But last week, it went too far, even for Europeans – not that we don’t already have enough crises on our hands. It passed a law that banned restaurants from serving olive oil in refillable containers, such as cruets or dipping bowls.

On January 1, 2014, their use would become illegal. Instead, olive oil would have to be served in a one-use-only bottle, labeled in accordance with EU standards, and equipped with a tamper-proof “hygienic” spout. A restaurant owner in Greece, for example, who buys his special olive oil from an artisan producer in Crete, would be out of luck; that small producer wouldn’t be able to comply with the costly stipulations. The restaurant would have to switch to an industrial supplier that can ship the special restaurant bottles with their tamper-proof spout and EU label. The small producer would be cut out.

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Sunday, 21 April 2013 10:20

Metal Detectors - Greece Out of Step with EU?

beach-metal-detectingThere is an interesting conversation on the use of metal detectors in Greece in the Brits in Crete Forum:] . It seems somewhat absurd that Brits Living in Crete, who are clearly hobbyists of the pastime cannot do what they do in UK  i.e.  they are deprived of the right to go beachcombing in Greece. It is against the law.

In general terms an outright ban by EU governments on use of metal detectors contradicts Articles 34 and 36 of the EU. Greece bans the use of metal detectors by ordinary people on national security grounds and cultural heritage. Period. 

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Monday, 28 January 2013 12:09

Strikes in Greece

UK media reports that strikes stopped in but they are actually spreading see: &

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