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Sat, Aug 13, 2022

Offset C02 Emissions and Environment Policy

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How Green Are We? - Our Policy in Relation to the Environment and the World We Live In


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Changes in Earth's Climate patterns affect everyone. Brits in Crete is committed to doing its bit to balance man's advancement while respecting and preserving natural resources for future generations.

Here's how Brits in Crete is helping reduce our impact on the environment by reducing waste and aiding in reducing C02 emissions:

  • - Being paperless except where required by law
  • - promoting consumption of fresh rather than processed products
  • - buying local produce and products where possible, reducing fuel and transportation costs
  • - using solar energy for heating water
  • - reducing waste, recycling used products
  • - using waste water to water plants and trees
  • - Brits in Crete opts to pay the "offset C02 Emissions" fee that some airlines offer when purchasing an air ticket

When you place classified advertisements for items to sell in our Brits in Crete forum, you are re-cycling goods in useable condition thereby contributing to reducing CO2.

Carbon Offsetting and Trading

The computer you are using right now contains an element of toxins. We have purchased the latest equipment containing the least pollutants to reduce the impact of known toxic substances.

The electricity that your computer is using emits CO2 - carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere somewhere down the line.

Oxford University has carried out research into personal computers and their power consumption. Brits in Crete is following a carbon offset formula devised by the university as a result of the research. The calculation is based on the amount of CO2 that your computer is emitting while you're visiting Brits in Crete web sites and we offset it.

Brits in Crete is responding to the need to offset these CO2 emissions and is planting the first three trees over the Summer of 2008. When mature an average large tree will absorb approximately 20.3kgs per year of CO2 (over a 40 year lifespan).

On this basis, Brits in Crete is offsetting 2.19 tonnes of CO2 in its initial contribution.

Brits in Crete Recommendations and Advice on How You Too Can Limit CO2 Emissions

Brits in Crete Advice to Reduce your Energy Bills by up to 30 per cent by more efficient energy use of Appliances in your Home:

* Remember to adjust your air conditioning and heating thermostat controls when you leave the home for short periods. For holidays and longer days away, shut down your system or set the controls to absolute minimum.

* Important to unplug all digital and analog equipment when you go away for extended stays. They run on standby when they are connected to the electricity mains, continuing to consume electricity.

* During the hours you not use certain rooms e.g. the bedrooms during the day, keep their doors shut to contain the hot or cold air circulation you require for daytime rooms. At night reverse the process. When building a new home consider putting a thermostat control in every room.

* Consider switching to "energy saving" compact fluorescent lighting. Compact fluorescent light bulbs use about 75 per cent less energy than incandescent bulbs.

* Remember to Insulate your walls and ceilings. This can save 20 to 30 percent of home heating bills (and in summer air conditioning) and reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 1 tonne per year.

* Clean all of your heating and cooling appliance filters! They consume more energy when they have to draw air through dirty filters. Ensuring that your air conditioner filter is clean can save 5 percent of the energy used.

* Save Up Dirty dishes, pots and pans until you can fill your dishwater. Otherwise wash small amounts of daily used items manually. When you set the dishwater cycle, allow your full load to dry naturally by keeping the door ajar at end of each wash cycle and do not use the heater element to dry. By not using your hot drying cycle you can save 20 percent of your dishwasher's total electricity consumption.

* Recycle glass, metals, plastics and paper.

* Plant trees to shade your home and paint your house a light color if you live in a warm climate. But paint it in a dark color if you live in a cold climate.

* Adjust your refrigerator settings. These should be less cold in winter and cooler in summer and amend the settings for small amounts of food and drinks in your fridge.

* Select the most energy-efficient models when you replace your old appliances. Look for the "Energy Star" Label - your assurance that the product saves energy and prevents pollution.

* When Driving Your Car. Slow down and drive sensibly. The faster and more aggressive you drive, the more petrol or diesel your car uses.

* Where it is possible, choose to walk or bike to your destination. Fuel used in transportation constitutes a large proportion of the total fuel consumption in Greece or UK.

* When you plan your trips by car or motor cycle, group your errands together, where and when possible, not separately to save on fuel costs and pollution.

Brits in Crete believes each one of us can contribute, no matter how small, to sustainable management of resources to ensure mankind has a future on this planet. While in the past 100 years much has been done to rape Planet Earth's natural environment , it is not too late. Please join us in our efforts in your own small way.

If you have further ideas for conservation when Living in Greece to add to this page, contact us directly atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or post a message in the environment section of the Brits in Crete Forum.

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Reference: University of Oxford Environmental Change Institute

Thank You. Brits in Crete Web Team Environment Policy

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