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Sun, Oct 02, 2022

Forex Currency Exchange

For Buying or Selling a Property Abroad and Brits in Crete has found a partner with excellent, competitive FX currency exchange rates. Currencies Direct PLC. It is a highly competitive business and not all firms are what they seem. Central to our recommendation is our concern that your money is absolutely safe and the currency rates quoted are truly competitive. As you may be aware when you are buying a dream holiday home or investing in an overseas property, fluctuating exchange rates can make a huge difference to the price you finally pay. With that in mind and to make your money go further, Brits in Crete is pleased to be in partnership with Currencies Direct (CD) to give you access to the most competitive forex money exchange rates available in the market. If you are buying a property or need to make mortgage payments on an overseas property, we are confident that Currencies Direct can help with a friendly, prompt and personalised service. And yes, we will benefit from a small fractional commission on any transaction you make. This helps us keep the website relevant and continue our service which does not charge any fees to visitors.

Try out the Currencies Direct FX calculator below

It is good to check a rate for buying with a lump sum, or as regular smaller amounts, e.g. standing instructions. The calculator also works in reverse e.g. the need to make a foreign currency conversion into Sterling say, on sale of your holiday home abroad to repatriate to UK or Ireland.

Currencies Direct

CurrenciesDirect has its headquarters in the City of London as well as in key business centers around the world including Spain, France, Canada, US, India and South Africa. Their credentials are commendable:

  • The First independent foreign exchange company outside of the banking world.
  • Online Payment Platform giving you unlimited access to international payments through iPay FX, putting you in control 24/7. iPayFX is easy to use and totally secure.
  • Safety of your money. All payments are regulated by the FSA (UK’s Financial Services Authority).
  • Provide Low Rates, Highly Rated by more than 120,000 customers and 4000 companies that use their services.
  • Transact £2 billion in annual pounds sterling transactions.

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts for individuals protect you from fluctuations in the market because you can lock in the rate – so you know exactly what your currency is going to cost you. For the individual especially, a forward contract means that you can lock in an exchange rate today that is valid for up to 1 year. You only need a 10% deposit to hold the rate so you can benefit from the security of the rate you want, without tying up your resources.

Spot Transactions

Making a cross-border payment today? This is known as a ‘spot’ transaction. CurrenciesDirectCD have integrated the currency exchange and payment process into one simple step. We transfer more than £2billion worth of sterling in foreign currencies every year, so we have the buying power in the market to purchase your foreign exchange at the best possible price. We pass these savings on to you, so you benefit from better rates making your spot transaction funds go further.

Regular Payments Abroad/Settling Payments Back At Home

You’ll have peace of mind when you sign up for regular payments abroad. If you need to make regular payments abroad, you can set up a payment plan which will send the money directly into your nominated account. You never need to worry about making a payment again! The same applies when you have to make regular payments back home when your original currency is not sterling to settle such items as insurance premiums, utility bills, helping out the family.

We recommend you contact Currencies Direct. Your lady who is at first base to help answer your questions and can help opening an account is Deborah Paul, who is both well informed and experienced working with regular folk like us. You name a popular destination for Brits, be it Spain, Portugal, France or Greece and she can guide through the mechanics of moving money around. 

Call Deborah for personal service, as a BritsinCrete introduction on +44 7793533651 .

The trading desk team is in London. Call them at London office number, +44 207 847 94 00 . Be sure to mention to Deborah or any team member that you are introduced by Brits in Crete. This way you will be sure to be quoted  the best exchange rates that CurrenciesDirectCD are offering. Or if you prefer send an email as your initial contact to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Declaration: As a partner of currenciesdirect plc, this website derives a tiny commission from any trades made through our introduction. Those small amounts help cover our running costs. In getting good deals at currenciesdirect, not only you help yourself you help us too. Thank you in advance.

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