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Sun, May 31, 2020
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  1. Greece clarifies policy, to allow tourists from all nations
  2. Schools, nurseries given scrub down ahead of Monday opening

    A worker wearing a protective mask sprays disinfectant inside a kindergarten classroom in the suburb of Halandri, northern Athens, Friday. Greece will reopen preschools, kindergartens and primary schools on Monday in the latest round of easing coronavirus pandemic restrictions imposed in March. Classes will have no more than 15 children while the academic year will end on Friday, June 26. Children with health problems or living with a family member who is vulnerable to the coronavirus will continue to be taught remotely. The Monday opening also extends to special education schools.[AP]

  3. Eurobank more than doubles Q1 earnings

    Greece’s third-largest lender Eurobank more than doubled its first-quarter net profit on the back of lower provisions for impaired loans and higher fee and commission income, it said on Friday. 

  4. Coronavirus: 7 new cases, no deaths

    No new deaths from the coronavirus have been reported in the past 48 hours in Greece, and just seven new infections since Friday afternoon.

  5. Treasury bill issue worth 1 billion euros

    On Wednesday, June 3, Greece’s Public Debt Management Agency will auction 26-week treasury bills in book entry form, which will mature on December 4, 2020. 

  6. Labor subsidy till mid-October

    The state intends to finance Greek enterprises to the tune of at least 820 million euros from national and European resources, to support employment in sectors proven to have been harmed by the coronavirus pandemic.

  7. Ferry protocols to be reviewed after June 15

    The Shipping Ministry is expected to review the protocol governing passenger ferries after June 15 in cooperation with National Public Health Organization (EODY) and shipping companies, given that the reinstitution of air transport from 29 countries on that day, as well as the initiatives announced for boosting domestic tourism, are expected to lead to greater demand for services.

  8. Mitsotakis affirms Greece is back open for business

    Essentially picking up from where he left off before the pandemic, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis this week resumed the effort to lure investments to Greece, buoyed by the credibility it has gained from its handling of the health crisis. 

  9. ‘Excellent conduct.’ Who cares?

    The Education Ministry is bringing back the custom of giving students a grade for conduct that will go on their final-year transcripts and graduation certificates.

  10. Need for greater flexibility

    The coronavirus crisis exposed the shortages in medical equipment that plague Greece’s National Health System (ESY).

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