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Tue, Nov 24, 2020
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Greece Blue Moon Dates

Greece :: Date for a Blue Moon? (up to 2028)

When is the next Moon with that Blue Aura and how rare is it?  

2015 July 31
2018 January 31
2018 March 31
2020 October 31
2023 August 31
2026 May 31
2028 December 31


How did a Moon get 'blue' in its name?

It applies to the rare event of a second moon appearing later in a particular month. It is believed the expression "once in a Blue Moon" came out of the fact that when we look at the Moon it has a blue hue to its edges. People then applied "once in a Blue Moon" to signify a rare event. The blue aura occurs for the same reason that when ice crystals form in the air around us on a cold winter's night they take on an azure aura. That same affect applies to the moon by creating an azure aura around the Moon when we gaze at it.

How rare is a full blue moon?

Not all Blue Moons are Full Moons.

What about the Monthly Moon Phases, and what are their Dates and timings for Greece and Cyprus

Moon Phases in Crete 2014

Moon Phases in Crete 2015

Moon Phases in Crete 2016

Moon Phases in Crete 2017



 Blue Moon 2012 by NASA Goddard Photo and Video, on Flickr taken on August 31, 2012.