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Wed, Dec 02, 2020
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Quote of the Day :: Almanac

What is Today's "Quote of the Day"
in BritsinCrete.Net Almanac?

"Almanac" "al-meni-khia-ka", or"Αλμανάκ"

"Quote of the Day" - Background/Introduction

The content on this page will be freshly updated daily for each almanac section:

  • 'Quote of the Day';

  • 'Article of the Day';

  • 'On this day in History';

  • 'Today's Birthday'

  • and 'In The News'.

Little bit of history here ... this page is actually an online version of the traditional almanac - also spelt 'almanach' (Medieval Latin) and 'almanack' from the Middle English 'almenak'. These words found in the English dictionary, by the way, are a derivation of the Late Greek/Coptic word: 'almenikhiaka' taken from 'ephemeris'. The sound of the word is very close to the pronunciation of the Arabic word, 'al menah', which means 'to reckon' or as implied in 'day of reckoning'. (Note: In Modern Greek usage, Almanac = Αλμανάκ).

Quote of the Day

quote of the day

Quote of the Day provided by The Free Dictionary

Article of the Day

Article of the Day

Article of the Day provided by The Free Dictionary

This Day in History

This day in History

This Day in History provided by The Free Dictionary

Today's Birthday

todays birthday

Today's Birthday provided by The Free Dictionary

In the News

in the news

In the News provided by The Free Dictionary


When is the next Full Moon?

Current Moon Gazing Over Crete shows the full Phases of the Moon. (Updated Daily)

Is Friday the 13th a Good Luck or Bad Luck Day in Crete/Greece?

And guess what? Did you know that Friday the Thirteenth has a Greek connection.
More on Fridays - 13th.

When is Easter in Greece?

There is a variation in annual festival dates between Easter in the Orthodox Church such as in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Russia, and Easter in the calendar of the Catholic and Protestant Churches. A helpful page shows the matching almanac dates between now and 2026 for you to plan appointments and holidays if you are going to be in Greece or another of the mentioned countries that follow the dates of the ecclesiastical calendar of the Greek Orthodox Church.

The Art of Language

If languages interest you: then here is 'almanac', in other tongues of those who live among us: el:αλμανάκ, ετήσια έκδοση γενικών πληροφοριών, καζαμίας, πανδέκτης,
de:almanach, kalender,
nl:almanak,kalender, sv:almanacka, pt:almanaque, da:almanak, tr:almanak, yıllık, ru:календарь, zh:历书, ko:달력, ja: 暦, 年鑑, se:godisnjak, id:takwim, bg:алманах, ro:almanac,

Useful to Know

CRETE as written in a number of other languages:

bs:Kreta, bg:Крит, ca:Creta, cs:Kréta, da:Kreta, de:Kreta, et:Kreeta, el:Κρήτη, es:Creta, eo:Kreto, eu:Kreta, fr:Crète, ko:크리티 지역, hr:Kreta, id:Kreta, is:Krít, it:Creta, la:Creta, lv:Krēta, lb:Kreta, lt:Kreta, hu:Kréta, nl:Kreta, ja:クレタ島, no:Kreta, pl:Kreta, pt:Creta, ro:Creta, ru:Крит, sk:Kréta, sl:Kreta, sr:Крит, fi:Kreeta, sv:Kreta, tr:Girit, vec:Creta, zh: 克里特Crete. More