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Sun, Sep 27, 2020
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Mr. Panos' View Greek Traditional Family Values

Mr. Panos' View on Greek Traditional Family Values

And how a Greek Dad May View his daughter's Dating Activities

The Greek people are nothing if not proud with a very strong sense of humour. And a Greek dad in particular can be very protective and sensitive to when his daughter tells him that she wishes to go out on a date.

And so Mr Panos explains in jest with a touch of irony what he needs to know about the boyfriend to be. The young man will need to respond to a long list of questions into his private life. And, there are certain taboos for Mr Panos' daughter to know. Ouch, they can be tough.

Ti na kano (Τη να κανω)

In this situation when Greek dad's are in this mindset, the other Greek friends and family members have a saying "Ti na Kano" (what can I do) which they say with a shrug of the shoulders and just let the dad get on with it. And let him follow his instincts.

Just watch this, and if you are a dad, perhaps a little sympathy when you can identify with his gut feelings who your daughter is wanting to date.

Have a laugh with the Greeks instead of at the them.

Thank you Mr. Panos for your Greek sensitivities and insights on how you handle your daughter's dating situation! You certainly uphold the notion of traditional Greek Family values and being a sterotypical 'dad'.

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