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Thu, May 28, 2020
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  1. E-supermarket sales continue to grow

    Online commerce, disinfectants and cooking at home are here to stay. In contrast, habits from the pre-Covid-19 era, such as having a leisurely wander around the supermarket or eating out at restaurants or tavernas, aren’t likely to make a regular appearance anytime soon, at least for most people, a new survey has shown.

  2. Top court approves hiring of 480 border guards

    Greece’s Council of State has green-lighted the increase of the number of the country’s border guards by 480, after examining a relevant Presidential Decree.

  3. Tourists dreaming of Greece

    A new survey by Mindhaus has found that demand for travel among the major markets for Greek tourism appears to be much stronger than that recorded in other polls, revealing that two in three potential travelers are ready to go on holiday this year.

  4. ATHEX: Stocks leap on reports from Brussels

    The European Commission announcements concerning grants and loans for member-states adding up to 750 million euros gave Greek stocks a major boost on Wednesday, in line with most other European bourses.

  5. An historic moment for Europe?

    “I fear German power less than her inactivity,” remarked Poland’s Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski at the height of the eurozone crisis. More than Germany leading Europe, Europe must fear a Germany that eschews its leadership responsibilities.

  6. PM says ‘huge step’ if EU moves towards joint debt issuance

    Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Wednesday that if the European Union eventually moves towards a joint debt issuance to finance a recovery program it will be “a huge step” for the bloc.

  7. Necessary red lines

    It is important to mark red lines in foreign policy. However, these should not only be respected by outsiders; it is crucial that they are also preserved by all agents that engage in domestic politics, including political leaders, the news media and the pundits that shape public opinion.

  8. Crisis waiting to happen

    It is a crisis waiting to happen: About 11,000 refugees who have been granted asylum in Greece are still housed in reception facilities.

  9. Eleven arrested in money laundering scheme

     Eleven people, aged between 25 and 52, have been arrested as members of a money laundering gang in the city of Kalamata in southern Greece, police said Wednesday. The arrests took place on Tuesday.

  10. Eurobank approved for Greek guarantees on securitisation

    Eurobank has become the first Greek lender to make use of the government’s Hercules scheme to reduce bad loans after gaining finance ministry approval for state guarantees on senior tranches of its Cairo I and II debt securitisations, officials at the bank said on Wednesday.

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