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Sat, Oct 31, 2020
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Detoxify Naturally The Cretan Way

Detoxify Naturally the Cretan Way


Brits in Crete passes along some sound advice on how you can detox your body when in Greece or Cyprus. The remedy is to simply eat the right foods when staying there, without the need for dietary supervision. You do not need fancy or expensive solutions, just follow the Cretan Diet (or other local variations of the Mediterranean diet). Detoxing means flushing the body of waste that has built up over time. Such waste is found all around the body in key working organs, even in the skin but above all in the blood flowing through the veins and arteries. Your body and spirit needs help, naturally. So why don't you permit specific foods with toxic busting compounds and other goodies do their work and let your body self repair. You just enjoy the eating and drinking!

Below is not an exhaustive list of recommended detoxifying foods yet it is a good place to start. Some of the items you take raw in salads, others need some simple cooking, others you can squeeze to make a drink. You do not have to go crazy and over indulge, just on the occasions when you see them available, then include them in your food/drink intake.

We will add to the list shortly several other great detoxifier foods. These include artichokes, olives, olive oil, and tomatoes. They deserve more coverage in their own right as an integral part of the Cretan way of eating.

But first our all-important detox foods in the Cretan Diet list:

          • Detox With Avocados  
            Find out what "avocado" means in the Aztec Nahuatl language?
          • Detox With Broccoli 
            Why Broccoli is so important to our way of eating?
          • Detox With Cabbage 
            As a kid I hated cabbage, but why I insist to eat it as an adult, why?
          • Detox With Cranberries 
            What would the Thanksgiving Holiday be to Americans without Turkey and Cranberries? Did they know something about Cranberries we didn't?
          • Detox With Garlic
            Only in the second half of 20th Century did Garlic creep into traditional English Fayre, but the Continental Europeans knew why Garlic was good all along! Were their taste buds different? and why does it drive some Italian men crazy?
          • Detox With Grapefruit 
            Grapefruits are a fairly recent edition to Cretan cuisine but of huge value to our digestive tract.
          • Detox With Lemon
            Yellow or green varieties are put in, on, with and even under other foods. So why have zesty Lemons been a staple component of Mediterranean eating and drinking for 1000s of years. You must know why?
          • Detox With Lentils and Pulses
            Lentils: Boring? Think again and find out why they are critical to our intake of food that is natural and good for all of us.
          • Detox With Sunflower Seeds
            In some cultures, Sunflower seeds are fed to birds destined for the pot. But hey, I would reserve this little gem as a precious snack for we humans!

If you are interested in the Cretan way of eating, BritsinCrete recommends "The Omega Diet" by Artemis P Simopoulos and Jo Robertson, the Lifesaving Nutritional Program based on the diet of the Island of Crete.


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