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Mon, Nov 30, 2020
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Winter Living in Crete

Living as an Ex-pat in Crete - Greece 

Wintertime Weather and Household Living Costs



Crete's weather - It's Great! You already know that, otherwise you wouldn't be considering to relocate to Crete in the first place but be prepared for log fires and or central heating in winter.


Four Seasons on Crete

Weather does have a direct bearing on running costs of a home though in the Mediterranean. There are four distinct seasons in Southern Greece. So let's take the rose tinted spectacles off for a moment. The weather in Crete from May to September is glorious every day almost guaranteed! There is a brief Autumn running through to November and a Spring in March and April. But, during these periods and through the winter from sometime in November, or even early December, the Crete climate can be more changeable, particularly in the mountains but rarely (touch wood) as bad as a winter in the UK. Crete's average temperature in wintertime is around 12-14°C. When the sun shines it can be hot, even in winter. Visitors from UK and Ireland would find it "shortsleeves" weather. But when it rains, it rains bucketfuls and it can go on for a few days too! The worst months consistently are in February and March.

Heating Costs in Winter

While Crete does not usually have 'four seasons in a day' type conditions, temperatures can rise and fall dramatically within a few hours. The compensation in winter when the outside conditions are inclement, is the cosy warmth and smell of a log fire burning inside the house.

A supply of logs of Olive (Olea europaea L) or Carob Tree (Ceratonia siliqua L) for about 6-8 weeks can set you back between 160 - 200 euros (Winter 2009 - 2010). Carob burns hotter, while Olive lasts longer. Central heating is a very personal choice. But the costs can run between 4,000 to 7,000 euros per installation. Then there is the question of the ever increasing cost of oil (or gas) and where to store the supply securely.

Eating, Cretan Style in Winter

The winter food intake includes a greater use of fat in the diet. Pulses are more evident as is rice in oil-soaked pork or lamb stews and soups. Hunting is permitted so game, rabbit and hare appear more in the dishes. Cheese such as the rich and very high fat content soft, creamy mysythra, and the hard gravera cheeses are at their best. The products go hand in hand with the fattening of the sheep and goats for the traditional feasts of Epiphany (January 5th/6thth - the 12th Day of Christmas) and Easter.
The "off season" (non-tourist period) is also the best time to experience Crete at its most earthy and traditional. Although eating out becomes highly selective, due to many closed premises, the eating places that remain open are mainly for the local people and the offerings always fresh with the home cooked touch.



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Weather in Crete

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