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Sat, Sep 19, 2020
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Greece Insurance Premium Payment

How to Make Payments for Premiums

On Greek Insurance Policies

Advice from Stavros Sideris Insurance and Brits in Crete.GR


Methods of Payment for Insurance Premiums in Greece

For payment of insurance policy pemiums from anywhere in Greece you can use one of the following payment methods:

  • 1. Using your Credit Card

    You can use your credit card over a landline phone, mobile phone or via fax - but NEVER OVER THE INTERNET!


2. E.L.T.A. - Hellenic Post P.U.D. Service (Paid Upon Delivery/Cash on Delivery)

ELTA - The Greek Postal System offers an efficient domestic Paid Upon Delivery (PUD) or also known as Cash On Delivery (COD) service using registered mail. The insurers routinely the ELTA service to deliver a policy to a person's home or office. The transaction is simple. The insurance company or insurance broker, send you the policy documents and when the postman (or post woman) knocks at your door then you pay them cash and sign the receipt of delivery and they give you the envelope containing the policy documents. The cost includes the fee for the policy and ELTA service charge and postage (nominal cost of around 3 Euros depending on the weight of the envelope).

3. Within Greece, Payment via a Bank Account/Standing Instruction

You may pay cash over the counter and get the bank teller to give you back the receipted pay in slip, or by making a direct transfer by Online Internet banking. In any event , you can use any of the following banks, with branches all over the country:


*Here* you will find bank links and addresses and days in the year the Greek Banks are closed

If you are outside Greece, you may remit policy premiuns by telegraphic tranfer, or through your Internet banking account- but money transfer costs are to be paid by the policy holder.

Common Sense Advice on Buying Cheapest Insurance Policies in Greece

A Quotation For a Greek Insurance Policy - 
Choose from below the Greece-based Insurance Type You Require:


Brits in Crete is pleased to recommend its insurance associate in Greece, the Stavros Sideris Insurance Agency. Stavros who heads the firm offers a wide range of policies suitable for the foreign community all over Greece. Brits in Crete recommends Stavros, as a reliable and trusted partner who has many types of insurance policies to offer. Stavros, a fluent English speaker knows UK and the United States personally very well. 

Stavros's agency network of local offices covers the whole of Crete. Stavros can help you personally. He has back up support locally across Crete (from Chania/Hania to Lasithi) and across Greece proper. All the associates are also English speakers, who know the needs of Ex-Pats. Stavros in the initial instance will contact you personally once you have completed the online contact form.

Stavros Sideris CV Credentials

Stavros Sideris has had US, UK and Greek actuarial experience. Stavros graduated from the Ohio State University in 1992, with a degree in Actuarial Sciences and Finance. After completion of his military duties in the Hellenic Navy in 1994, Stavros commenced his career in the Actuarial Department of Interamerican Hellenic Life Insurance Co. moving on to Hewitt-Bacon and Woodrow in London in senior roles associated with UK government contracts. Stavros moved to Boston, MA in 2001 to join Mercer Human Resource Consulting in Boston, providing Actuarial Services for Corporate Group Pension Schemes. In March of 2004, Stavros moved to join his family insurance agency in Heraklio, Crete, Greece.