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Wed, Oct 21, 2020
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  1. Cars, motorcycles torched in spree of arson attacks

    Police in Attica were on Wednesday seeking the perpetrators behind arson attacks on six parked cars and three motorcycles in different parts of the greater Athens area.

  2. EU Commission confirms Greek letter

    The European Commission has confirmed it received a letter from Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias asking the EU’s executive arm to consider suspending the bloc’s customs union agreement with Turkey in response to Ankara’s violation of the agreement.

  3. New record in Covid cases, with young driving the trend

    Health authorities were on tenterhooks on Tuesday after new coronavirus infections hit a fresh record – 667 in one day – and the average age of cases continued to drop, indicating that younger people are driving the new upward transmission trend. 

  4. Golden Dawn trial judge challenges prosecutor

    The slow-moving sentencing procedure in the Golden Dawn trial was delayed again Tuesday after the presiding judge took issue with the prosecutor’s call for all bar one of the convicts to have their terms suspended. 

  5. Greece, Albania to refer maritime dispute to Hague

    Amid the protracted crisis between Athens and Turkey over their respective maritime zones, Greece and Albania announced Tuesday that they have agreed to take a dispute over their sea borders in the Ionian Sea to the International Court of Justice.

  6. Ankara raising stakes even higher

    Tension rose to fever pitch on Tuesday as Greek and Turkish warships lined up against each other near Kastellorizo, while the Oruc Reis seismic survey ship came within less than 9 nautical miles from the island. 

  7. Two arrested, four charged over child porn racket

    Two people have been arrested in Athens on charges of peddling child pornography via the internet, authorities said on Tuesday.

  8. Maps, maritime zones and islands

    Ankara’s recent publication of a map that appears to split the Aegean Sea in two was yet another sign of Turkish aggressiveness.

  9. Turkey determined to defend rights in East Med

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey was determined to defend its rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, adding that his country has an “economic sphere of interest” in the region.

  10. Reopening of 15-yr bond likely on Wednesday

    Greece is likely on Wednesday to make its fifth market foray this year with the re-issue of last January’s 15-year bond, aiming to capitalize on the favorable climate to boost the state’s cash reserves, improve the yield curve and enhance the Greek market’s liquidity.

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