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Sun, Nov 01, 2020
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Crete, Greece Quiz 1


General Knowledge Quiz No 1: Answers

1.) True. Up to July 1, 2011 Greek lawyers were only able to practice in the prefecture (county) they were registered. Should they needed to undertake work on behalf of a client in another prefecture they had to engage the services of a registered lawyer in that prefecture. In Crete, that meant a Chania (Xania) registered lawyer could only practice in the prefecture of Chania. There were exceptions at the Appeals Court level that affected senior qualified lawyers. But for routine work such as in the case of a property purchase outside of their home prefecture, a lawyer usually had to make arrangements with law firms practising in other Greek prefectural jurisdictions. Clients had to bear the added costs of extra - prefectural work. From July 2011, Greece fully brought its national laws into line with EU regulations against much opposition from Greek lawyers themselves. This now means that any registered lawyer from anywhere in the EU, and that includes Greek lawyers too, to be able to take on clients and appear in any court in Greece. 

2. False. Value Added Tax of 23% since July 2010 is applied to consumer goods in Greece. Fresh foods are subject to a VAT of 13%. Unfortunately, wines and spirits attract the 23 per cent duty, one of the highest of any EU country.

3. True. Greece does not have a national TV license, as is the case in Great Britain or Ireland in support of its state broadcaster, ERT (Greece's BBC or RTE). Instead the Athens Government levies a per day fee, which is part of the DEH (the Greek national electricity supplier) electricity bill, issued every two months. Each billing period is calculated as a proportion of days divided into 365. The ERT fee is to be found as part of the section under local municipal rates, also part of the electricity bill.

4. True. Nana Mouskouri, in Greek, Nανά Μούσχουρη was born Ioanna Mouskouri on October 13, 1934, in Chania, Crete, Greece. During 2007, Greece's most famous international performer and favourite with Brits, Nana undertook a series of farewell concerts around the world to thank her fans for their support of her long career as a songbird. Nana, now well into her '70s has retired to her main residence in Switzerland, overlooking Lake Geneva. The song that made Nana world famous was: "Weisse Rosen aus Athen" or "White Roses from Athens". Listen below to an excerpt in German and English from one of Nana's appearances on BBCTV.

Weisse Rosen aus Athen/The White Roses of Athens
by Nana Mouskouri

(.mp3 file: Courtesy of "YouTube") 

 5. False. Sky Express, a commuter airline, based in Heraklion operates an 18 seat BAe Jetsream 3102 aircraft for scheduled flights between many Greek airports but recently stopped completely its Western Crete operations to/from Chania. The Sky Express direct Crete flights to Rhodes are now operated from Heraklion.  Otherwise it is now a case of taking a flight by Aegean Air or Olympic Air to Athens and then connect to a flight to Rhodes. As of October 2011, Sky Express operates a number of scheduled flights from its main hub airport on Crete at Heraklion to Sitia, Kos, Corfu, Ikaria, Volos, Athens, Kalamata, Mytilini and Samos.  Eastern Crete is served by Sky Express with scheduled flights from Sitia to Heraklion, Preveza and Alexandroupolis.  Sky Express has mini hubs at other airports. Full Sky Express Schedule.

(Answers correct as of September 2011)