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Sat, Aug 13, 2022
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 18:25

10 Euro Note - Look Out For It

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The New Look of the Europa Series 10 Euro Banknote

New Europa Series 10 Euro Note FrontNew Europa Series 10 Euro Note Reverse
Photo Credit: New €10 "Europa" Series Note: © European Central Bank



Be prepared for the new "Europa" series €10 banknote. It is now in circulation in Crete, Greece and the other 17 eurozone countries from September 23, 2014. This is the second release in the new banknotes with enhanced security features. The Europa €5 banknote, the first in the series, started general circulation in May 2013. All notes have a common design based on the Greek mythological god "Europa" after which the continent was named, and signed by Mario Draghi, Governor of the European Central Bank.



----Longer version contains a simple explanation of the security features and how to tell a genuine note from a fake one.----


 There are in fact three new security features for the Europa series notes, best described as the FEEL, LOOK and TILT elements to confirm the notes are genuine.

The FEEL aspect is the 'raised printing' (embossing) of the letters ECB, BCE, etc in many languages on either side of the face of each note.

The LOOK aspect is the icon style 'portrait watermark' left of centre of the note face.

The TILT aspect is the change in the Emerald coloured figure "10".

The rest of the Europa series of banknotes will be introduced gradually over several years, in ascending order. The next will be the €20, then €50, €100, €200 and the €500 denominations. Release dates have yet to be announced.

For further more detailed information on the FEEL-LOOK-TILT features, you can check out the dedicated European Central Bank website. 

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