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Tue, Jun 02, 2020
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Lasithi Fuel Prices

As a visitor to Brits in Crete you can find the cheapest petrol in Lasithi without moving from our web site. You can also select the type (eg unleaded 95 octane petrol, diesel etc) and brand (eg EKO, BP, SHELL etc) of fuel.

You can:

  • Choose from the menu "option" different type and brand of fuel, as well as a different number of petrol stations ( the default is 20).
  • To navigate to a different location on the map with the features pan and zoom.
  • To display information about a petrol station (brand name, address, last updated) by clicking on the price.
  • Display menu (where can magnify, zoom and centre the map, and also to get statistics) by right-clicking on the map.

Fuel Lasithi

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