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Fri, Sep 25, 2020
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Crete, Greece Quiz 2

Crete General Knowledge Quiz No 2

A "True or False" Quiz From Brits in Crete


Pit your wits and test your knowledge on Crete Flights and Flying in this second "True or False" Quiz from Brits in Crete web portal. (Answers correct as of October 2011)

True or False. Brits in Crete Quiz No 2. Questions


1. True or False? The cost of car parking for a month at the official long term car park at Heraklion International's N.KAZANTZAKIS Airport, Crete is around 50 euros.

2. True of False? Heraklion International Airport is the only approved airport on Crete from which you can send pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) on direct flights to the UK?

3. True of False? There is now a £500 processing fee per animal from the UK end when shipping dogs, cats or ferrets by air to UK from Crete.

4. True or False? The checked baggage allowance for domestic flights in Greece is 15kgs.

5. True or False? At Heraklion International Airport its longer of the two runways it operates - Runway 12/30, is longer than Chania International Airport's single runway, Runway 11/29.

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