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Thu, Jul 02, 2020
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Greek Cypriot Public Holidays 2010

Republic of Cyprus: National, Religious and Public Holidays Calendar 2010

A.K.A. Greek Cypriot Bank Holidays when they fall on Weekdays
Cyprus Parallels Many Holiday Celebrations of Greece as Cyprus is part of the Greek Diaspora

National Flag of Cyprus National Flag of Cyprus

Cyprus Public Holidays 2010 (with Greek Names)

Fri Jan 01 2010 New Year´s Day Name in Greek: Protochronia Public Holiday
Wed Jan 06 2010 Epiphany (Three Kings Day) Name in Greek: Ton Foton or Epiphaneia Public Holiday
Mon Feb 15 2010 Clean/Green Monday (Start of Greek Lent) Name in Greek: Kathari Deftera
(Greek Lent: Megali Sarakosti or Tessarakosti)
Public Holiday
Thu Mar 25 2010 Greece's Independence Day Name in Greek: Tou Evangelismou National Day
Thu Apr 01 2010 "EOKA" Day Name in Greek:
EOKA 1h Apriliou
National Day
Fri April 02 2010 Greek Orthodox/Catholic
Good Friday
Greek Easter Name: Megali Paraskevi Public Holiday
Sun April 04 2010 Greek Orthodox Easter
Easter Sunday
...... Planning ahead ? ..... Find out when Orthodox Easter and Catholic Easter fall on the same dates ......
Greek Easter Name: Kyriaki tou Pascha Religious Feast
Mon April 05 2010 Greek Orthodox/Catholic
Easter Monday
Greek Easter Name: Deftera tou Pascha Public Holiday
Sat May 01 2010 Labour Day Name in Greek: Ergotaki Protomayia Public Holiday
Sun May 23 2010 Orthodox Whitsun (Pentecost) Name in Greek: Agiou Pneumatos Religious Day
Mon May 24 2010 Orthodox Whit Monday (Pentecost) Name in Greek: Agiou Pneumatos Public Holiday
Sun Aug 15 2010 Assumption Day - Assumption of Mary Name in Greek: Kimisi tis Theotokou Religious Feast
Wed Oct 01 2010 Cyprus Independence Day Name in Greek: Kupros
Hmera Aneksarthsias
National Day
Thu Oct 28 2010 "Ochi" (Oxi) or "No" Day Name in Greek: Epetios tou Ochi(Oxi) National Holiday
Sun Nov 28 2010 First Sunday of Advent Name in Greek: Aphitsi Religious Day
Sun Dec 05 2010 Second Sunday of Advent Name in Greek: Aphitsi Religious Day
Sun Dec 12 2010 Third Sunday of Advent Name in Greek: Aphitsi Religious Day
Sun Dec 19 2010 Fourth Sunday of Advent Name in Greek: Aphitsi Religious Day
Sat Dec 25 2010 Christmas Day Name in Greek: Xristougenna Public Holiday
Sun Dec 26 2010 Second Day of Christmas Name in Greek: Synaxis Theotokou Public Holiday
Fri Dec 31 2010 New Year's Eve Name in Greek: Paramoni Protochronias Observed but not a Public Holiday
Greek Cyprus Public Holidays in 2011 Greek Cyprus Public Holidays in 2012 Greece Public Holidays in 2010 Greece Public Holidays in 2011 or 2012

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