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Thu, Oct 29, 2020
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About Us

About Us (4)

BritsinCrete Keeps the Foreign Community Informed in Crete

Since 2004, Brits in Crete role has been to provide a community service to the British, Irish and other expat groups who plan to settle or have settled down on the Greek Island of Crete, mainland Greece, with two websites full of useful information and day-to-day experiences of foreign residents who have been through the process.

Monday, 25 June 2007 07:47

Whats New: June 25, 2007

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Landmark Crete

LandmarkCrete - is a new Chania based, 'one stop shop' agency started by an experienced and well known specialist, Helen Peters to serve the ex-patriate British and other European buyers of property in Crete. LandmarkCrete is using Brits in Crete as a key promotion and advertising platform for their launch.

Friday, 19 August 2011 07:36

Getting to Crete

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Cheap flights to Crete is the choice for most, although it is getting more expensive with the rising cost of jet fuel and reduced competition among the airlines. You arrive at either Chania, Heraklion or Sitia International Airports. But, when you need to relocate to Greece to set up your new island home, then it is both practical and popular to drive from UK to Crete. You can load up your car with personal belongings, the family and pets and after three days motoring along the auto routes of France, Italy, Switzerland and Greece you are in the sunshine of Crete for an extended stay or to start a new life. Post #Brexit i.e. from December 31, 2020 there are changes. The Brits in Crete websites will attempt to keep Brits who have connections with Europe informed as the information becomes available.

Friday, 19 August 2011 07:34

Brits in Crete Forum

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Benefit from our vibrant and busy Online Ex-pat Community known as the BritsinCrete Forum with visitors from all over: Greece, the UK and Eire. We also have a following from Melbourne, Australia which is incidentally the largest Greek Community outside of Greece. Find people already living in Greece and Crete through the various bulletin boards. Exchange Comments, Ideas and Ask Questions with them about any move to Crete. BritsinCrete Forum :: Crete Index contains relevant board postings on real experiences from an active community. It is free to join. Gain a valuable insight including information on Travel and Holidays on Crete . Become a member of the forum yourself.

Herete (Welcome) to BritsinCrete.Net for British and Irish ex-pats Living in Greece or those dreaming to do so in the future!. Explore the possibilities to relocate to Crete with loads of helpful Information to be found in the various BritsinCrete websites. The theme for 2015 is Greece has fallen on hard times due its economic difficulties. As a member of the English-speaking foreign community in Greece there is an adjustment needed to settle in during this period. But as the old English saying goes: Make hay while the sun shines. And it does in abundance on the Island of Crete where some estimated 20,000 ex-pats now have a home. The world looks and feels so much brighter when the sun shines more often, as it does in Crete compared to say, London, Paris, Amsterdam or the even the Scandinavian countries where residents do not dream it, but live the life you would expect in the Mediterranean.

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