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Sat, Oct 31, 2020
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Wednesday, 09 July 2014 04:31

Dangerous Croc on Crete Found

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It was no joke. A real krokodilos!

A local Rethymno resident could not believe his eyes when he spotted last week from his car a 2 metre long creature swimming in a local reservoir. It had all the features of a Crocodile. Surely not on Crete?

It turns out the local Cretans knew some wild animal was taking their chickens and sheep but had not reckoned on a croc. But there it was swimmingly happily in a span of water all on its own. Crocs are not native to Greece in modern times. More details in the video and further in the story (Greek with English subtitles).



There you go plenty of two legged crocs on the Island of Crete but not a fresh water croc of the four legged species in the wild.

It is still not known where the krokodilos came from.

Perhaps a little speculation at this point?

- Maybe some enterprising Greek was growing the reptile to eventually sell its valuable skin, but it grew too fast and too big to keep? So it was let go?

- Then there are some locals on Crete who keep pet Pythons so why not a crocodile. That would make sense too. Wouldn't it?


Source: The Daily Telegraph 

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How did this medium sized Crocodile come to be swimming happily near Rethymnon? The Daily Telegraph

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