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Sat, Oct 31, 2020
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014 14:16

#Matala Beach Music Festival 2014 is here

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Matala Music Festival 2014 is upon us, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - June 20, 21 and 22. No matter your age if you like the carefree life and good hard music, then this throw back gathering to the days of the hippies and flower power reprises for yet another year. More than 80,000 devotees of folk, guitar and rock are expected to descent on this south coast beach resort in Crete. The festival motto: "Today is Life, Tomorrow Never Comes". The weather forecast looks to be great - Clear Skies meaning wall-to-wall sunshine. So if you are Living on Crete be part of a week end of a total experience and meet like-minded folks of all ages. Bring your suntan lotion.


This year musical tributes will be to Janis Joplin and Coldplay.

And if you are trying to recall the name of the singer who caused this event to happen - it was folk artist Joni Mitchell and her song "Carey" foam the 1970s.

Guest performers and acts include:


17:00 GB BLUES BAND, 18:00 RENEGADE, 19:00 CROSSROADS, 20:15 VIVA CARLOS, 22:00 ΚΙΤΡΙΝΑ ΠΟΔΗΛΑΤΑ - ΚΑΤΣΙΜΙΧΑΣ ΠΑΝΟΣ, and at 01:15 GAD then its 02:45 Beach Party time with dj music.


17:00 Τσέρος Χ., 17:15 Μανιουδής Ν., 18:00 Καπετανάκης Γ., 18:40 ALONE TOGETHER & JONATHAN COLOMBO, 20:00 MUSCLE MUSEUM, 21:30 STARLITTE BEATLES, 23:00 TONIS SFINOS, 01:00 THE POLICED, then its 02:30 Beach Party time with DJ music.

and finale on SUNDAY 22 JUNE 2014

17:00 ALLI BANDA, 18:00 CHARLOTTE CAMPBELL, 18:30 GIANBURRASTA, 20:15 THE DOORS ALIVE, 22:00 SHANTEL & BUCOVINA CLUB ORKESTAR, 00:30 ALMA, 02:30 Beach Party — with Mike Mfp Emenar.

Information sourced from the official websites:

The official Moires/Matala town website is here:http://www.dimosfestou.gr/en/ but the better site for information is here: http://matalabeachfestival.com/ and its regularly updated FB page: https://www.facebook.com/matalabeachfestival

Have fun join in this celebration of love and peace. Come along for a three day beach party festival, and the music of course. The Matala Music Festival 2014 is in the Official Greek events calendar supported by the Greek National Tourism Office and the Ministry of Tourism.

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