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Sat, Oct 24, 2020
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Sunday, 21 April 2013 10:20

Metal Detectors - Greece Out of Step with EU?

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beach-metal-detectingThere is an interesting conversation on the use of metal detectors in Greece in the Brits in Crete Forum: http://bit.ly/Z7Nu37] . It seems somewhat absurd that Brits Living in Crete, who are clearly hobbyists of the pastime cannot do what they do in UK  i.e.  they are deprived of the right to go beachcombing in Greece. It is against the law.

In general terms an outright ban by EU governments on use of metal detectors contradicts Articles 34 and 36 of the EU. Greece bans the use of metal detectors by ordinary people on national security grounds and cultural heritage. Period. 

The European Commission has a pragmatic view to the use of metal detectors across all EU countries. It has challenged Sweden's regulations for example. I have not found evidence that the EU has pressed Greece to change the law. The Commission wants national governments to provide a balance between free mobility of goods and the national cultural policy goals. The EU states that this  could be best achieved if any current regulations (banning metal detector usage) were supplemented with a licensing system and granting of permits that allow for the increased suitable use of metal detectors. That makes sense.

The Commission says that a  solution like this would eliminate obstacles to the use of metal detectors to search for archaeological artifacts or other metal objects. The measure would contribute to the goal of both the laws on heritage conservation and cultural policy, while simultaneously imposing fewer restrictions on the free mobility of goods. Lawfully beachcombing.
Whatever happened to the age old British concept of "finders- keepers"?
What do you think? Forum link -http://bit.ly/Z7Nu37]

Author: Gerald in Crete

Footnote: *Finders keepers, losers weepers is an old English (humorous) saying that is used for when someone finds something by chance they are entitled to keep it.

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