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Fri, Sep 25, 2020
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Sunday, 17 March 2013 04:09

Stuff your potatoes

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Obviously the European Financial Elites, who run the EU and dictate policy, had something clearly in mind when they chose this type of Cyrprus bailout scheme. I admit that ,what that might be, is over my head. But we do know that this had to send a clear signal to savers, not just rich people, but the mass of middle class savers. What was the oligarcy trying to say? They used their power to go after bank depositors, to take a huge piece of their deposits. I am open to anyone who thinks they know what the meaning of this really is. You have to admit, these financial rulers of the EU are not beholden to any democratic system. The EU are a gang of rulers who are held on a string by the banking and trading elites of Europe.

Cyprus is small potatoes, but the message sent to Europes bank depositors across the PIGGS is a warning that their deposits are fair game to be stolen in order to make whole the bankers and the bond holders. In Cyprus on Monday morning, if the people do not storm the banks and go into serious riot mode, then the elite rulers of Europe have won a huge battle. They have shown that they can go into anyone's bank account and steal as much as they like and hand it over to the financial elite and the bankers.

Should Cyprus not be the scene of serious unrest, then it is game over. The sheep are so passive and so dumbed down that they have become meaningless pawns. No jobs, no savings and the social system about to collapse as all government spending goes to make bond holders, bankers and stock traders whole.
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