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Tue, Oct 27, 2020
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About Linking with Brits in Crete

British And Irish Ex-pat Links
Greece Link Exchange programme

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Use Common Sense and Good Manners when you wish to Exchange links with another web site. It pays off.


Why Obtaining Valuable In-bound Links to Your Web Site Works

Imagine you are at a British or Irish Ex-pat social gathering, a function where you have the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting executives connected to your line of business or work.

You are in a room talking with a group of two or three like minded individuals and you are discussing a topic of common interest. Suddenly another fellow joins the group and within seconds diverts the conversation to talking about himself and his company and why those in this group should work or do business with his company. The group breaks up disinterested and that is that.
The guy who selfishly butted in now looks for another little group to butt into and so the same again, with the same results - no one is interested!

The better way for this executive who "joined" the conversation is to choose a right moment to introduce himself informally to the group as part of contributing useful supporting comments to the conversation. In other words, he is showing he is a good guy to get to know. This way he is building up credibility. The conversation continues and again, at the appropriate moment, name cards are exchanged.

Requesting Link Exchanges

When you request a link exchange it is a bit like the above scenario -- most requests are similar to the aggressive fellow, and just say: "link to my web site and you give me a link in return", without explanation.
There is a better way.

Put yourself in the position of the Webmaster you wish to exchange links with when he receives your request and asks himself:

  • Your web site, has it got a strong presense on the WWW with good search results?
  • (In this case) Is it Brit, Irish and Ex-pat related?
  • Why should I exchange a link?
  • Do we have common interest in our sites' subject matter so that we mutually benefit?

This is important to know. Why? Because Google gives a lesser rating to links from a lower page rank, especially if the subject of the two pages are not related. But Google also load up the benefits when the linking pages have related content and which is highly focussed.

So please, if you wish to link to us at Brits in Crete, simply tell us in your request, then state one reasonable reason why we should link with you. For example: in our case, the subject is related to Living in Crete/Greece, and/or an ex-patriate site, on relocation, moving around the EU, British and Irish looking to live abroad and so on.

We also encourage direct links between specialist subject pages, such as in our case : Crete Property pages, ex-patriate advice, insurance, foreign exchange, and whatever else there is in common with a specialist page title, eg Swimming Pools.

We like, and the search engines like, deeper embedded links (not just to the home page or dedicated links pages of a site, but other pages as well).

You can contact us for deep links exchange with your explanation, especially if you are a web site connected to Crete, Greece, Cyprus, the Greek Diaspora, and the Ex-pat lifestyle particularly from the British and Irish perspective.


Webmaster, Brits in Crete


Reciprocal Linking to Our Site - Add Your Link.
In the meantime, this is an automated and slightly different approach to web linking. We Invite You to Add Your URL Now, It is So Easy!