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Sun, Jul 12, 2020
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  1. The Greens sweep the Reds to win their first volleyball league in 14 years

    Panathinaikos has upset the odds to win its first league title in volleyball in 14 years, just two years after being on the brink of relegation.

  2. Economic miracle to be sought for 2021

    The government will seek an economic miracle in 2021 so that the country can leave the great financial adventure of the coronavirus behind it as quickly as possible.

  3. Bankruptcy bill to allow 240 tranches

    The new bankruptcy code that the government is preparing will provide for the settlement of debts to the state in up to 240 monthly tranches, up from 120 today, as part of the extrajudicial debt arrangement framework for enterprises.

  4. Attracting retirees to Greece

    The government is formally inviting foreign pensioners to shift their tax residence to Greece with the introduction of a single tax rate of 7% for their entire income obtained abroad.

  5. Tax revenues set to reach all-time lows

    This year is set to register a number of all-time lows regarding tax revenues.

  6. The sectors with the potential for a green energy El Dorado

    The European Union’s environmental targets for 2030 will require extra capital of 260 billion euros across the bloc, with Greece standing to benefit significantly from the swing to "green energy" per the European Green Deal.

  7. Dialogue of hypocrisy and bickering

    The dialogue on national issues should be conducted without hypocrisy or bickering. At the moment, that is what it is characterized by, which is extremely worrying.

  8. Solidarity levy cut next year

    Incomes will receive a fresh boost from next year by way of a reduction – and eventual abolition in 2023 – of the solidarity levy that the government is preparing so that households channel the extra cash into consumption.

  9. Justice, two years later

    July 23 marks the two-year anniversary of the deadliest natural disaster in the country’s history: the wildfire in Mati, east of Athens. 

  10. 31 new coronavirus cases; no deaths

    Greek authorities reported 31 new coronavirus cases Sunday, with no fatalities over the past 24 hours.