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Mon, Oct 26, 2020
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Getting to Crete

Cheap flights to Crete is the choice for most for getting to Crete, although it is becoming more expensive with the rising cost of jet fuel and reduced competition among the airlines that serve the Greek island. You arrive at either Chania, Heraklion or Sitia International Airports. But, when you need to relocate to Greece to set up your new island home, then it is both practical and popular to drive from UK to Crete. You can load up your car with personal belongings, the family and pets and after three days motoring along the auto routes of France, Italy, Switzerland and Greece you are in the sunshine of Crete for an extended stay or to start a new life.


From Crete to UK - Motoring Northbound Across Europe:

You will be surprised at how many British residents in Crete like to take the car for the overland return journey to Britain, driving leisurely via Italy and France. Two British retirees recall their car driving and ferry experiences with details of the transport costs (petrol, tickets, road tolls, etc) and timings of each leg of the journey. They explain the route chosen and the roads they navigated.