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Mon, Oct 26, 2020
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BritsinCrete.Net is Your First Stop on the Information Highway to Crete

If you wish to be one of the countless British and Irish and other ex-pats Living in Greece and you are dreaming of a new life abroad, Brits in Crete helps you explore the possibilities to relocate to the Island of Crete with loads of helpful Information. As we progress through 2020, there is a no better place to call home. Greece handled the Covid-19 pandemic better than most European nations. Here is the reality of settling on a Greek Island:  the sun still shines more than many other places in Europe. What is more, the Cretans/Greeks continue to be a friendly and welcoming people, and the pace of life is still comfortable. 

It is no secret that here at Brits in Crete we are one of the moret popular websites covering Greece for ex-pats seeking information on settling down in the country. They share first hand experiences of those already living here through livelihood articles and professional advice. BritsinCrete.Net has dedicated pages on living on Crete. We guide you with a checklist of things you need to know when you plan to settle in Crete and the Islands of Greece, or plan a long stay. These include: