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Mon, Oct 26, 2020
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Joomla CMS :: Brits in Crete Web Site Advances

Commitment to the Joomla CMS

You are viewing the responsive Brits in Crete main web site. Its content management system by Joomla offers many advantages from ease of use of the web site and finding your way around the pages faster than before.

We settled down with the new format in 2011. Since then consecutive advances meant the site was continually upgraded. Now in 2020, a further leap forward is taking shape with the latest Joomla CMS.

Please upload your Crete pictures or Send an email to us

Nowadays web developers are making it easier to upload content to websites. We encourage and welcome you to upload your pictures of your time on Crete and in Greece. If you are a British or Irish ex-pat you do not have to be living on Crete to join us. Everyone who has interest in our web site(s) is welcome to join in. Or you may prefer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. These can be in any basic visual file format such as gif, jpeg, jpg, png, etc.

To other web masters, you are welcome to link to us. Look on our links page to see if you are already enjoying a link. If so, are you linking back? If not, we encourage you to select a category for your web site and use our easy and free exchange links service which is automatic. Yours, Gerald, Webmaster Brits in Crete.