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Sun, Oct 02, 2022

BritsinCrete Web Portal :: Affiliate programmes Page - Join Us
Make Money - Be an On-line Affiliate of Brits in Crete
This page is about you making money from
on-line affiliate programme sales and marketing.
Brits in Crete Team Wants You to Benefit and Make Money On-line!

Point 1
We will have our own affiliate programme selling Brits in Crete services.

Point 2
But firstly, we want you to benefit from the many online tools that can help you make money from your website or by your own endeavours.

Do you want to know more and earn online income?

If you are a web site owner or a company looking to partner with us under the Brits in Crete brand, please fill out the following form, and a representative will contact you to further discuss what type of mutual arrangement we can come to:

{BreezingForms : AffiliateForm}

BiC Code of Practice On-line: Honesty and Integrity.
The Brits in Crete Team believes in honesty and integrity. For that reason we want you to know -- and be sure you know --that we benefit from you using the links below. That benefit can range from: greater exposure for our name, right down to earning a commission on some tiered selling programmes that you take up.

Share in the Brits in Crete Successes
In short, we would like to you to share in our success from the growth of the Brits in Crete web portal since January 2007. If you have been following our progress you know that we have delivered growth and niche marketing growth to the Brits in Crete brand. We firmly believe in giving back and helping others achieve - a helping hand. All the programmes we associate ourselves with, we believe in. That is our endorsement.