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Sun, Oct 25, 2020
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The True Benefits of Working With Brits In Crete:

+ Benefit from a website that is at the right place at the right time. Crete and Greece as a current market "hotspot" for those wishing to have their stake to have a place in the sun.

+ Benefit from your exposure with a well known niche market player.

+ Benefit from being associated with a respected web site. (SafeSurf.Com Rated, Secured by Rapid SSL Certificate issued by Trustico.com .)

+ Benefit from having an SSL Certificate.

+ Benefit from Brits in Crete's ability to bring to your web sites a valuable flow of click-through customer leads.

+ Benefit from over 3,500 links to our sites and your visibility through search engine results

+ Benefit from working with a leader in the market ! We are a fast growing web portal in Greece, that woke up the Crete English language web site market when we re-launched Brits in Crete in January 2007.

+ Benefit from the most important fact of all: we deliver on our promise to you, cost efficient leads to your web sites.

To recap: Here is what Brits in Crete does effectively:

- we provide a content rich web portal to British, Irish and other ex-patriates with factual information,

- we position ourselves as the must visit site for living in the sun dreamers.

- we aggressively promote bookmarking and network communities

- we make waves as a well known brand in our own right among the local English speaking communities in Crete and Greece.

Every year, more than a million Brits come to Crete for leisure. Three million to Greece.
Put your business, your shop, your service in front of key consumers in Crete and beyond with strong buying power - from buying property, cars to whit to furniture.

- Then there are travel services, air tickets, car rental, hospitality trade generally, restaurants and places of entertainment.

- Services related to relocation, removals from Europe to Crete and back again.

- Buying property, the renovations or the building. The needs of professionals from architects, surveyors, building contractors to lawyers and the day to day needs of doctors, dentists and accountants. Retails ads, classified ads. Call it what you like, advertising with Brits in Crete fits all those categories and more.

Nurte Google AdSense Module

The Brits in Crete group of sites continues to show steady growth and in recent monthly statistics, substantially.

The main advertising opportunities are for the main web site, britsinCrete.Net.

The most sought after position is the 375x50 rotating banner at page top.

The most sought after page for advertisers is the home /index page. As default page, this is the main gateway page when visitors come to Brits in Crete. 15-18,000 each month.