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Brits in Crete as an online advertising platform reaches further than just Crete and is recognised throughout the English speaking ex-patriate markets across Europe as an authority on the subject of Living in Greece.

Below, we list the graphic layout advertisement sizes available on our main web portal - www.britsinCrete.Net

Advertisements with both square and rounded corners are accepted. For two of the sizes, the 200x100 pixels and 120x100 pixels -known as "house" style advertisements, we can add the curved border if the original is supplied in square format.


All advertisement formats show the dimension in pixels in a "width x height" layout.

375x50 Banner (up to 4 frames) below. 360 euros / 12 months rotated on the top of pages among a limited group of advertisers - This is Best Value for Advertisers)

Buy and Sell on

200x100 Button (up to 4 frames). 120 euros / 12 months for each position chosen on the home page.


Lioxil Furniture Imports Chania Crete

234x60 Half Banner (up to 4 frames) 68 euros / 12 months for each position on each page chosen.





Build a Greek House on Brits In Crete

120x100 pixels (up to four frames) 70 euros / 12 months for the position on any page - below the left column navigation bar. First-come-first-served-basis. (ADVERTISER BEST BUY)

Cretan Residencies, North East Crete Aghios Nikolaos Real Estate!

120x60 pixels (44 euros /12 months for each position on each page chosen in left hand column.


120x600 Skyscraper Banner pixels (up to four frames) (200 euros / 3 months for each position on each page chosen in the left hand column)


Nurte Google AdSense Module

Real Estate Directory Layout For Each Client

250 euros for a Page Top position for 12 months (immediately under the Map of Crete - PREMIUM POSITION)

100 euros for each listing in each of Crete's Prefectures for 12 months:

Chania - Rethymnon - Heraklion - Lassithi

Eleni Villas Building Homes and Friends

Eleni Villas, Showing Houses, Swimming Pools

TWO FREE Bonuses with each of your paid Directory Listings:

1. Download your latest newsletter (in this example it is Eleni Villas Newsletter) hosted on your website.
Conditions apply - must include an agreed link to Brits in Crete in the contents of the newsletter.

2. ALSO FREE with your paid Brits in Crete Real Estate listing - Your clients can download a newsletter to their Mobile Phone via file
For Ipod or similar wireless device. Your clients can download via hyperlink your newsletter if it is in a .mobi file format on your website.

Great 100 Euro Value!!

.WAV or similar Video File for any Video Promotions Clip with Your Paid Directory Listing.
"A picture is worth a 1000 words". Let visitors access and download a video of your sales offers from alink at the bottom of your Brits in Crete Directory listing (File is hosted on your website). This is a great selling tool.

The Video Clip Fee is just 100 euros for 12 months to match paid directory listing duration.

Brits in Crete will accept advertisement graphics in .jpeg, .jpg .png, wav and .gif, flash, quicktime formats for video but please discuss with us first for video format.

Brits in Crete is a progressive web site where we like to demonstrate use of the latest technology or design trends.

We also will consider other sizes of advertisements.

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