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Thu, Oct 29, 2020
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  1. Cabinet to discuss draft legislation

    Greece’s cabinet will meet via teleconference on Thursday to discuss draft legislation from the ministries of development, agriculture, labour, health, infrastructure and finance.

  2. KINAL leader self-isolating after son's positive virus test

    Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata announced she is self-isolating after her son tested positive to the coronavirus, state-run news agency ANA-MPA reported Wednesday.

  3. Ship captain arrested after collision with Greek warship

    Greek authorities on Wednesday arrested the captain of a Portuguese-flagged cargo ship that collided with a Greek navy minehunter outside the country's main port of Piraeus.

  4. Biden tweets about "Oxi" Day

    Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted about Oxi Day:

  5. Eighty years on

    Looking at the 80 years since 1940, when it stood up to the forces of fascism in World War II, Greece’s course does not justify the often regretful self-pity that characterizes sentiments expressed about it in the present.

  6. Seatrade Maritime webinars scheduled for Thursday

    Seatrade Maritime brings two content-rich webinars to Posidonia’s “It’s Time To Talk” week with a number of key, global industry speakers. 

  7. Dancing with Erdogan

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to be doing everything in his power to increase his isolation and broaden support for Greece from the international community.

  8. Time to unite in saying “oxi” (“No”) to Erdogan’s aggression

    Failure to reign in Turkish Presydent Tayyip Erdogan is destroying the credibility of peace and freedom loving nations, the EU, NATO Alliance and US in particular.

  9. Record 1,547 new COVID-19 cases announced

    New coronavirus cases in Greece have shattered yet another record, with 1,547 confirmed over the past 24 hours, health authorities announced today.


  10. Middle East Forum features AHI President in discussion about Turkey and Congress

    The Middle East Forum, a Philadelphia-based think-tank that promotes American interests in the Middle East, hosted American Hellenic Institute (AHI) President Nick Larigakis for a webinar, “Congress Counters Turkey with Nick Larigakis.”

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