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Fri, Aug 14, 2020
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Crete The World Over

Crete is the emotional home to many ex-pats from cooler climes while still ancestral home to countless Cretan Migrants 

Cretan Communities are a major portion of the Greek Diaspora the world over!


The original Crete in Greece dates back some 3,000 Years, but true to modernity this mainly English web site is about Expats Living in Crete now which happens to be the social networking Internet home for British and Irish Expatriates with an interest in making the Island of Crete, Greece home. This contrasts with the now English speaking Cretans the world over who have left Kriti but emotionally still attached by their roots and heritage.

It is thanks to the famous archaeologist, Sir Arthur Evans that we know so much about the most visited tourist destination in Crete - the Palace at Knossos built near today's Heraklion. This is the historical side of Crete beyond the simple holidaymaker's desire for the clear blue sky, sea, sand and sun that we associate with summertime Cretan visits. Now you are at this page, don't rush off, learn something. Take a quick tour of Knossos.

Be enlightened through this fascinating and informative slideshare show presentation.


For one of the 'other' Crete's worldwide,
you actually want ...

Crete Marketplace, Illinois

* Crete Marketplace a shopping precinct and commercial complex in the East of the Crete township, of Illinois. According to the The Southtown Star newspaper websitethe development on 101 acres will start construction in April 2008.
During 2008 a brand new shopping complex is to be built in this outer suburb of Chicago.  

Crete, Southeast Nebraka

Another CRETE is located in the Southeast portion in the state of Nebraska, USA. Doane College is quite well known for its sports prowess and sports several strong collegiate teams. The town itself is close to Lincoln Nebraska and local TV comes from the state capital of Omaha. But here is an interesting notion that could apply to Crete, Greece: Crete Nebraska's Doane College would like to get more of its faculty members to move to this southeast Nebraska town, instead of a daily commute from outside, and it's offering them a US$5,000 gift from July 1, 2008. The $5,000 must be put toward a down payment on property within the town of Crete's two-mile zoning jurisdiction, and the property must be the faculty member's primary residence. Less than 30 of the 72 current faculty live in Crete, Nebraska and commute from larger neighbouring communities of Lincoln and Omaha. The story is courtesy of a network TV station Omaha, KETV 7.

Please let us know where else in the world there are communities named after Crete and the families of Crete and these will be added here.


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