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Fri, Feb 21, 2020
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Weather in Spili

All About Crete Weather. Weather in Spili. This detailed 10 Day Weather Forecast in Crete for Spili, Rethymnon Prefecture is prepared for the local ex-pat residents and holidaymakers. Spili (Greek: Σπήλι) is often known as the centre of Crete, perched as it is high in the central areas in the White Mountains. Holiday Weather Tip: Spili is around 500 metres above sea level. If you are a summer holiday visitor, staying at the nearby local sea resorts, then it is recommended you drive up to Spili, not only to see the quaint village and green surroundings but partake a home-style, cooked meal that the town housewives specialize in using wholly fresh produce. The best time to visit Spili however is in the springtime when the whole area breaks out into a sea of colour when the weather starts to warm up. Its the brilliant yellow, Bermuda Buttercups (L. Oxalis pes-caprae that you will witness carpeting the roadsides and the olive groves during March-April time. The Bermuda Buttercups are a wonder of nature, giving any photographer a dream set of pictures.

Weather forecast for Spili

Weather in Crete

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