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Mon, Dec 09, 2019
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  1. Greek FM to broach Turkey-Libya deal at EU foreign affairs council

    Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias is due in Brussels on Monday to attend the European Union's foreign affairs council where officials are to discuss the signing of a maritime boundaries deal between Turkey and Libya, the ministry said in a statement. 

  2. Turkey seeking to procure third drillship

    Turkey is speeding up its efforts to acquire and a third drillship, according to the country's pro-government newspaper Yeni Safak which reports that Ankara is seeking to buy from the Norwegian companies from which it purchased its Fatih and Yavuz vessels. 

  3. Syros workers and the Greece we want

    We are coming to realize that in order to have jobs we need to have private investments. 

  4. Bid to isolate Turkey over deal

    In the face of increasing transgressions by Ankara in the broader region, Athens is planning a series of initiatives aimed at isolating Turkey on the international stage and seeking to annul a Turkish-Libyan maritime boundary accord that challenges Greek sovereignty.

  5. Greek foreign policy and the Turkey-Libya agreement

    This Turkish campaign is an act of international piracy, a blatant violation of international law, and a challenge that mandates a strong response from Greece.

  6. Writing for our readers

    It never ceases to amaze me how the political and journalistic community in Athens interprets the op-eds, reports and cartoons in the media.  Behind each, they see schemes and ghosts.

  7. Vazaios wins two Euro golds at Short-Course Championships

    Greece has completed a remarkable tally of four medals, including two golds, by the end of the European Short-Course Swimming Championships in Glasgow, with Andreas Vazaios having the Greek national anthem played twice in his honor.

  8. Olympiakos, PAOK end regular season's first half unbeaten

    Olympiakos and PAOK have completed the first half of the regular season of the Super League on top and unbeaten, in the first time in the history of the top flight that two teams have played all their opponents once without losing a single game.

  9. US to increase pressure on new 5G equipment

    The US continues to apply pressure about the issue of fifth-generation cellular telephony equipment (5G), both in Europe and in Greece, as many networks are currently close to large equipment procurements. Signs show that this pressure is yielding results.

  10. The defense of reason

    A country’s foreign policy is the first to be afflicted by an overload of opinions on how to move forward. But because the risks are real, everyone needs to exercise restraint.

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