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Sun, Oct 02, 2022

All About Crete Weather. Weather in Samaria (for the gorge). This detailed 10 Day Weather Forecast in Crete for Samaria Gorge, Chania Prefecture is prepared for the local ex-pat residents, hikers and holidaymakers. Weather for hiking can be fickle when the gorge is open, even between May to October. This is the reason any visit to the Samaria Gorge has to be planned in advance, due to the rugged nature of area. A word to the wise: the Samaria Gorge hiking trail is not for the faint-hearted. A serious word of caution: even though the gorge is part of a National Park, and the paths maintained with emergency support at hand, this is not a hike to be taken lightly. The weather in Spring is the best time to enjoy the hike as Summer days can be very, very hot. Try to have a start when the Gorge is opened - after 630am to avoid the crowds. Even so, you will likely end your walk during the heat of the middle of the day. Holiday Weather Tip: Samaria Gorge is about 18kms of hiking distance. We cannot stress enough that if you are going to be an independent visitor, separate to an organised tour group, be prepared for sudden changes in weather. This you can do by taking proper hiking gear with you. Water is not necessary the problem but heat exhaustion can be.

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