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Tue, Oct 22, 2019
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Weather in Kolimbari

All About Crete Weather. Weather in Kolimbari. This detailed 10 Day Weather Forecast in Crete for Kolimbari/Kolymbari, Chania Prefecture is prepared for the local ex-pat residents and holidaymakers. Kolymbari is one of the many pretty little fishing ports dotted along Crete's coastline about 25 kilometres west of Chania. Kolimbari happens to be one of the access routes to the wind swept Rodopos Peninsula. Rodopos is an area of isolated, rugged beauty in splendid isolation. It is a land for exploration and relaxation if you are an eco-tourist, or just a hiker or biker. Swimming in Kolimbari is at its sand and pebble beached cove. The true excellence of the natural beauty of Kolymbari is its crystal clear seawater. There is also a long sea wall to protect the shoreline and small port from the strong northerly winds that blow in winter and churn up the waves. Holiday Weather Tip: In this part of Crete, if the northerly winds blow in Summer they can lower the air temperature by 5-10 degrees C giving the holidaymaker a respite from the searing heat of the sun. These words of advice are particularly true for the hottest months of July and August when average daytime temperatures can soar to the mid-30s C.

Weather forecast for Kolimbari

Weather in Crete

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