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Sun, Oct 02, 2022

All About Crete Weather. Weather in Asproulianoi. This detailed 10 Day Weather Forecast in Crete for Asproulianoi, Chania Prefecture is prepared for the local ex-pat residents and holidaymakers. Interestingly, Asproulianoi is not only a pleasant resort on the North coast of Chania prefecture but is becoming known as a kitesurfing center because of the high number of days where a wind gets up with some velocity. For the un-initiated, kitesurfing is the latest water sport which appeals to today's generation. Kitesurfers use a variety of small "boards" from a snowboard to a surfboard or wakeboard. These boards are usually one to two metres in length. Where do the strong winds come in? To kitesurf you need a mini parachute, referred to as a stunt kite. The stunt kite uses the wind velocity to give the uplift to the kitesurfer who gets airborne through extremely long jumps off the waves. This is the excitement of kite surfing. Holiday Weather Tip: According to, the best times for kitesurfing at Asproulianoi are between October and April or for July or August. During these periods the cross shore winds can blow all day with wind-speeds between 14-20 knots from a north-easterly direction. During these periods expect between 9-14 days a month of exciting kitesurfing. Giorgiopoulis just a couple of kilometres along the coast also offers excellent kitesurfing during the same months.

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