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Sun, Oct 02, 2022

Stavros Sideris Insurance Services

Boat Insurance in Greece
Leisure Craft, Cruisers, Yachts in Greek Territorial Waters


You have arrived at the page to apply for Leisure Craft, Cruisers, Yachts Insurance in Greece. Before you complete the form below for Leisure Craft, Cruisers, Yachts Insurance quote, please note what is required:

  1. Permanent residents in Greece can apply for boat insurance
  2. The boat can be registered in any country but if the owner resides in Greece and the boat is kept in Greek marinas / ports, then it must be insured according to the Greek legislation
  3. Minimum duration of the policy is one (1) month but premium is usually significantly higher than the 1/12 of the annual premium
  4. There are a few insurers that can offer cover for boats that are older than 20 years
  5. Boats that are not registered cannot be offered insurance
  6. Racing boats cannot be insured
  7. Insurers cannot provide cover to self-built boats
  8. If after the policy's commencement the owner asks for a shorter policy duration then the insurer cannot return the remaining corresponding premium

Boat Yacht and Small Craft Insurance in Greece

In Greece, Boat, Yacht and Small Craft are covered under policies similar to automobile insurance. Boat insurance benefits range from third party liability to a fully comprehensive insurance policy which covers damage to your vessel.

Greek Insurers need to know the following information necessary to calculate a boat/yacht/leisure craft quote .The information necessary to calculate a quote is the following:

  1. Type of the boat
  2. Manufacturer of the boat
  3. Construction material of the boat
  4. Date of purchase of the boat
  5. Date of manufacture of the boat
  6. The price you paid to buy the boat - separately from the engine's price
  7. Information about the main and auxiliary engines
  8. Type of the engines
  9. Manufacturer of the engine
  10. Fuel used by the engines
  11. Date of purchase of the engines
  12. Date of manufacture of the engines
  13. The price you paid for the rest of the boat's equipment

Be Prepared! When you have chosen the quote that suits your needs and you are ready to proceed with insurance coverage - the insurer will require of you the following information:

  1. Your Greek Tax Registration Number and Tax Office (AFM)
  2. The boat registration
  3. Information about the engine, if it does not appear on the boat's papers
  4. The owner's sailing license
  5. The boat's docking location
  6. The boat's dry docking location when out of the water
  7. Boat's fire protection equipment during quayside docking/mooring
  8. Boat's protection equipment while off waters
  9. A correspondence address in Greece
  10. A contact address either in Greece or in your home country
  11. A contact phone number in Greece and in your home country


Please be specific and give the required details to help Stavros focus on getting you the correct information. All fields in the form are required.

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For Another Quotation -
Choose Which Greece-based Insurance Type you Require a Quote for:

For Another Quotation -
Choose Which Greece-based Insurance Type you Require a Quote for:

Brits in Crete is pleased to recommend its insurance associate in Greece, the Stavros Sideris Insurance Agency. Stavros who heads the firm offers a wide range of policies suitable for the foreign community all over Greece. Brits in Crete recommends Stavros, as a reliable and trusted partner who has many types of insurance policies to offer. Stavros, a fluent English speaker knows UK and the United States personally very well.

Stavros's agency network of local offices covers the whole of Crete. Stavros can help you personally. He has back up support locally across Crete (from Chania/Hania to Lasithi) and across Greece proper. All the associates are also English speakers, who know the needs of Ex-Pats. Stavros in the initial instance will contact you personally once you have completed the online contact form.

Stavros Sideris CV Credentials
Stavros Sideris has had US, UK and Greek actuarial experience. Stavros graduated from the Ohio State University in 1992, with a degree in Actuarial Sciences and Finance. After completion of his military duties in the Hellenic Navy in 1994, Stavros commenced his career in the Actuarial Department of Interamerican Hellenic Life Insurance Co. moving on to Hewitt-Bacon and Woodrow in London in senior roles associated with UK government contracts. Stavros moved to Boston, MA in 2001 to join Mercer Human Resource Consulting in Boston, providing Actuarial Services for Corporate Group Pension Schemes. In March of 2004, Stavros moved to join his family insurance agency in Heraklio, Crete, Greece.

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