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Sun, Jan 19, 2020
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  1. Greece responds to Erdogan's aggressive remarks ahead of Berlin meeting

    Greece and Turkey have exchanged pointed remarks a few hours ahead of the meeting on the situation in Libya in Berlin.

  2. Police detain 6 after overnight clashes

    Athens police say they have detained six persons after they were attacked with rocks and firebombs in central Athens early Sunday.

  3. Syntagma metro station to close down Sunday

    The Syntagma metro station will close down at 9:30 a.m. Sunday "at the suggestion of the police and to ensure the passengers' safety," metro operator Stasy (Urban Rail Transport SA) has announced.

  4. Failures and successes

    It is ironic that in politics a smart move can coincide with a failed one. Starting with the second, the government’s admission, by the prime minister himself, that it was actually not prepared to deal with the refugee crisis, leaves an unpleasant taste.

  5. Tsitsipas in quest for glory on the big stage

    Next Gen star Stefanos Tsitsipas of Greece takes part in an Australian Open practice session at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday, ahead of his first-round clash with Salvatore Caruso Monday. The 21-year-old reached the semifinals at Melbourne Park last year after stunning Roger Federer in the fourth round. “[I am] really looking forward to this new challenge that I have in front of me, to show something,” Tsitsipas told ATP Tour ahead of the match, among reports he was struggling with a lung issue after practicing in smoky conditions caused by Australia’s fires last week. [EPA]

  6. Inconsistency as a virtue

    The Greek government is correcting its economic planning by rewarding salaried employment, which includes a category of taxpayers that had been neglected in its first batch of tax relief measures that were adopted last year.

  7. Smoking ban appealed

    The Panhellenic Association of Facilities, Consumers in Catering (PASKEDI) has lodged a petition with the Council of State, Greece’s top administrative court, demanding the annulment of the decision to enforce the smoking ban introduced in 2009 and enforced last year by the new government, which has nixed the possibility of any exemption.

  8. Tsitsipas ready to live the dream again in Melbourne

    With Melbourne’s large Greek community certain to come out and support him in large numbers, the Australian Open is the closest Stefanos Tsitsipas will come to a home Grand Slam and the young gun is determined to put on a show for his fans.

  9. France signals support for Greece

    The participation of the Hellenic Navy in the carrier group that will escort the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle on a part of its mission in the Eastern Mediterranean is seen as yet another indication of Athens’ desire to strengthen its ties with Paris.

  10. Piaf – A Life in Light and Shadow | Athens | January 25

    In the context of the City of Athens’ “Christmas in Athens” series of events, the play written by French actress and singer Nathalie Lermitte recounting the Little Sparrow’s life comes to the Galatsi Olympic Hall on Saturday, January 25.

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