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Fri, Aug 12, 2022

Alternative to SKY Satellite TV

"Non-UK" (Across Europe + Greece + Crete)

 UK Satellite TV via Broadband


Brits in Crete (BIC) web portal no longer can offer a Sky TV subscription for programming in Crete. The original offer included the other Greek Islands and Continental Europe using the non-UK version of a ‘Viewing Card’ with the option to purchase Sky standard, Sky+ and Sky HD ‘box & viewing card’ deals for those who are starting out from scratch. The informal advice we offer here is to use a UK address, then apply for the Sky TV service you want with a viewing card and a SKY HD Box and take the kit with you when you are go to Crete. Use the BritsinCrete Forum to ask questions and do a search in the forum to find out how you can get help from other Brits already outside UK and what others are saying about Sky TV in Greece! Note: From November 2011, many British TV channels have been moved to the new Astra 1N satellite. This makes reception of many of the Sky TV and Freeview channels more difficult in Greece and Cyprus due to a smaller coverage area in the Astra 1N satellite's footprint.

The Next Best Thing is to Get UK Channels on Your own Device in Greece and Elsewhere

What we suggest now is that you sign up to one of the great value packages at and you can be watching live UK TV within minutes on your PC, Mac or flat screen TV, and your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Windows phone, Android or Symbian device, Palm OS, Blackberry or laptop. You can even watch the British TV service of UKTVC2C by using a set-top box straight into your television, no matter where you are located.

All you need is a broadband connection and you'll be watching your favourite UK TV shows such as Coronation Street, Dr Who, Eastenders or Top Gear from the comfort of your living room. Sports enthusiasts can finally get to see their favourite teams in action via great value satellite packages from UKTVC2C. Live Premier League Football, Rugby and Formula 1 car racing is available, plus all major UK free to air and satellite TV stations.

You can find alternatives, of firms offering satellite or PC viewing of UK TV channels wherever you are. We have joined up with uktv2c.

How to Order uktv2c Packages

You’ll find prices and ‘how to order’ via a dedicated uktv2c page and payment is a simple click away via a secure payment page once you have chosen your package.

Happy viewing!


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